As to increase the thickness of the member: the rapid increase in the volume and the diameter of

As to increase the thickness of the member? This issue is of concern to almost all men. For many, the thickness and length of the penis is of great importance. If he, in your opinion, is not long enough, they resort to different methods that help to improve the parameters of the penis. It is worth noting that according to the statistics, 85% of women satisfied with the size, dignity of man to its partners. But, despite these data, the men are still looking for more effective techniques by which you can increase the member not only in length and in thickness.

as to enlarge the member

As to increase the thickness and length of your penis?

The increase in the thickness of the member is fairly long and complex process. None of the methods can not to instantly make the penis longer and bulkier. But if you have to regularly carry out special exercises, massage and the special use of the cream, to achieve the result. What technique of increasing the thickness of the penis are more effective, they are painless and economic, you will learn of our conference review article.

Upon learning of the more popular methods and their characteristics, advantages, each man is able to choose the best option. Each of the methods has its advantages and features of some techniques that can be combined to get the maximum effect. The main thing is to pick up more pleasant and easy, and how to select the magnification method, read our article.

How you can enlarge the member?

Already for a long debate among doctors and scientists, some of which claim to increase the penis does not. Others believe that these techniques exist. There are a lot of different methods by which men may increase a member in thickness and length. And in this case the most effective, not only are the active forms, but and manual methods, and mechanical components.

With the help of modern methods of manhood can be increased to 2-3 cm long and 1-2 cm thick.

Already millions of men around the world took advantage of the costly budget and techniques of penis enlargement. They share their experiences and opinions, the detail of the lesson about the successes. Before and after photos,it is clear that to increase the penis, but this is not so easy. Despite this, every man can use special devices, the increase of gels, creams, massage techniques and jelcing, with a higher result.

Is it worth to resort to the change of size of the penis?

Body genital every man has its dimensions in length and thickness. If one of the guys from penis length is 20 cm, this does not mean that the rest will be similar dimensions. In addition, the size of the tranquility of the erection will be different. For example, some men penis length in the resting state and during excitation can not change, while others will increase from 3 to 4 to see If the guy with a small penis, this may be the cause of serious psychological complexes.

The normal size of the penis can carry the following parameters: length of 13-25, the thickness or circumference, measured on average, the department – 10-16 see If you notice that your manhood does not conform to the configuration data, solution of problems they have. You can increase your member in girth and in length. Everything you need in the initial phase is to know all forms of penis enlargement and choose the best option.

Operating forms of

The surgery for penis enhancement in men is applied, as a rule, in the more difficult cases. Most often the operation is assigned to those patients who have congenital or acquired defects and diseases of the reproductive system.

penis enlargement methods

The surgical method

With the question of how to increase the girth of the penis, many patients come to surgeons plastic. And in this there is nothing surprising, since with the aid of surgical intervention, can increase the body genital of up to 5 cm long and 2-3 cm wide. But before you go to the consultation with the plastic surgeon, it is worthwhile to consider the possible risks and disadvantages of this procedure. The operation is always a risk. The patient may begin pus from the wound after suture, to be open to the hemorrhage.

The increase in length of a member, as well as your width is done through the injection, in the course of which it was subcutaneously injected hyaluronic acid.

This method is used for a long time, but at the same time has several drawbacks.

Hyaluronic acid has the property of dissolving. This same applies to other biomaterials, that are compatible with the cells of the body. The procedure is performed under stationary conditions and does not require outpatient rehabilitation. After a few days after the injection of hyaluronic acid, the man can resume sexual activity.

Special operation

If you want to know how to increase the length of the penis of 3 to 5 cm in the shorter term, it is worthwhile to pay attention to the operation. This operation is performed under general anesthesia, and involves the crossing compatible with the ligaments. The surgical intervention is performed in two phases:

  • before the consultation with the surgeon;
  • preparation of the patient and the introduction of the anesthesia;
  • the cut of the skin in the scrotum in the middle;
  • the intersection of the ligaments with a scalpel;
  • the suture of the incision.

Before the operation, the patient passes from the survey to identify the indications and contraindications. By using a pain-free procedure visual is an increase of childbearing age, of the authority of up to 4-5 see, in this respect after the conclusion of the manipulation of the patient required to be carried by a special outline of an extender.

Pumping fat mass

The increase of volume of the member is obtained through a special procedure. This procedure consists in the self-competence of tissue lipids – patients of fat in the subcutaneous tissue penis. The extraction of the grease is made of the part of the body that negotiates directly with the patient beforehand.

The procedure is performed in the following manner: the doctor produces the extraction of adipose tissue of the buttocks, the abdomen or the hips and is subjected to stabilization, which reached its uniform consistency.

After this, the grease is introduced through the micro cannula and the puncture site overlaps the special of the band. After the conclusion of the manipulation, it is recommended to abstain from sexual intercourse in the month.

The increase in the home

In addition to medical treatments for the increase of the penis it is applied and is more tolerant of methods that you can use in the home. These include special exercises, the use of simulators, gels and lubricants, which offers massages, techniques that increase the penis in the thickness of a few centimeters.

the operation of increase of


If you want to know how to increase the thickness of the member in the home, it is worth using the techniques of massage therapy. This method is one of the most safe, pleasant and available. Perform the massage should be relaxed with the use of grease or special gels that reinforce the effect of the manipulation of several at the same time.

For the execution of the exercises must capture the base of the penis with the fingers of the left hand, forming a ring, and make circular movements with the right hand. If any manipulation should be to a couple of inches of browse above. The procedure increases the penis a couple of inches of thickness and length.


Today developed a wide variety of exercises which will help to solve the problem of how to increase the volume of the member. Most popular of the technicians can be attributed jelcing, kegel exercises. Special exercises help to increase the sexual organ on the circumference of a few centimeters, if performed regularly and properly. For greater effect, before the conclusion of the manipulation should be applied on the particular body gel or cream. These tools improve the flow of blood and allow you to perform an exercise without pain and safely.


The increase of members in the diameter is a complex task. But not only in that case, if you are going to use a special device – extender. To maximize results, you must use the device for 4 to 6 months every day. When you do this, you must be used for several hours. Extender is designed for a long stretch phallus, which contributes to its growth in length and width.

  1. With proper and regular use, the penis increases in the thickness of 1,5-2 cm, length – up to 4 see
  2. The disadvantages of this service can be attributed to the durability of their procedures, the possible occurrence of unpleasant sensations.

The pump

Increase of the circumference of the member as possible and with the help of accessories – pumps. They are of different species of vacuum, mechanical, hydraulic, hydraulics of the pump. The most popular is the vacuum of the water pump. It consists of a cylinder and hand pump. For the realization of the procedure of the penis is placed in the cylinder, and with the help of a pump pumping air, creating a vacuum.

This method is not only used for pumping the penis, but also for the frequent treatment of erectile dysfunction. The disadvantages of the use of the pump are the onset of bleeding and the pain, but these effects often occur through the misuse of the device.

The gels and sprays

If you are interested in the question of how to increase the diameter of the member safely and without pain, then the best option would be the use of gels and creams. The most popular and in demand are the Titanium Gel and spray Dominator. This not only allows you to as soon as possible to achieve significant changes in the size of your penis, but also have a wide list of advantages:

  • the increase of the possibilities of sex;
  • the amplification of the sensations in the moment of ejaculation;
  • the ability to control the moment of ejaculation;
  • sensitive, and long-term erection;
  • solution of problems with premature ejaculation.

The increase in member width, and thanks to specially selected combinations of components. All the substances in the composition of the cream and the gel have a natural origin, so that they are completely safe and respectful. Many of the guys have already estimated all the advantages of the sprays and creams, which provide a rapid growth and thickening of the fertile area of the authority. Not less effective, you can mention other creams and gels. See the full list of the drugs, you can use the following table.

Many guys often wonder if you can increase the thickness of the member, through the sodium bicarbonate. It is worth noting that this method is the place to be, as well as the sodium bicarbonate increases the firmness of the penis, but to increase or thickening of the useless. The tubs of soda in the best of cases, to temporarily improve the elasticity of the penis, but after several hours the effect will take place. For the preparation of such baths it is necessary to take a glass of warm water and mix with a teaspoon of baking soda. Place in the glass of the solution, it is necessary to wait 15 to 20 minutes. Procedure should be performed 30 to 60 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Stimulants of the tablet

Another option, such as increasing the member of the circle, is the stimulant drug. The drugs and the Badi is sold on the open access in pharmacies, and special stores of the internet. Improves the blood flow in the vascular tissue of the penis. Thanks to this, there is an increase. Before you buy pills stimulant, you must carefully examine its composition. Taking drugs that consist of chemical products, can worsen the situation, since some components can cause allergic reaction.

Which method to choose?

A clear answer to the question of how to increase the member of wide, almost impossible. There are a large number of techniques, by which you can achieve good results, but they all have their own characteristics and nuances. Today to enlarge the penis not only can be used special equipment and accessories, but also innovative gels and creams. Most of them are made of natural components, which provide a thickening and enlargement of the phallus.


In addition, the cost of the gels is not overrated and is optimal for all those who wish to. The purchase and through the application of a single tube of the cream, as you may notice the visual changes in the configuration of the penis. They are completely safe and do not cause unpleasant sensations during use. This is very important, because not all methods can be categorised as the safe and harmless.