How to increase the member-methods to increase penis size

What are the methods of penis enlargement are there? Can help of creams, ointments or gels? It is effective if the operation? Is valid if it is the water pump? To these and other questions will answer you in the cycle of articles.

as to enlarge the member

How much a real penis

Myth: some of the methods give the growth of your penis between 5 to 7 cm long by several weeks.
Any part of the body can't grow in a year and a half or two times per month. What is severe change simply is not possible for the human body. None of the pills, massage, ointments, creams, gels, and other "secrets of the methodology" can't give that result. To achieve the goal of can, however, it is necessary to tune in prolonged work.

The truth: the most that you can enlarge your penis 1 to 4 cm by 6 to 8 months
The result will depend on the methodology (extender, more drugs and devices), of the identity of the body and, of course, of perseverance in the achievement of the objectives. We talked about the methods that cause is the growth of the authority — not temporary, extension or swelling. Proportional to the length, the largest member in the volume of the same will increase and the head of the penis). The results that can be 6 to 8 months, approximately 90% of the men, who follow our instructions and recommendations:

  • increase in the length of 2 to 4 cm in a state of erection
  • increase in the length at rest in a 2-2 draw.5 cm
  • the increase in the thickness of 1.5 cm
  • the increased size of the head of the penis
  • straighten the penis (innate curvature of evil is subjected to the soft property, acquired for that reason is better)
  • improvement of erection, libido (sexual desire) due to the constant training of the tissues of the body
  • the increase of the duration of the sexual relations (delay occurs premature ejaculation, due to the elimination of excessive sensitivity of the glans of the penis)

Even the increase of 10 to 15% gives a good visual effect.

Has the courage and the intimate size: the higher, the greater the amount of tissue involved in the resistance to the traction and growth, respectively, over the result. Reach over 30%, it is very difficult, after reaching the mark of the dynamic tends to be very slow. Also keep in mind that it is the result of practice with the fastest growth.

The principle of workers of methodologies in the resistance to the traction and the growth of the tissues

Myth: there are many kinds of the principles of growth of the penis.
On the internet you can see a lot of proposals. Some promise very rapid growth of their penis with the help of some secrets of exercises, the other two times the increase in the size of the creams, others use "recent events". Then I'm going to read more, I am going to talk about each of the techniques, but if it is short, then:

The truth: all work areas of the methodology are based on the principle of stretching and growth of tissues.
This principle was used in their devices Ilizarov. Filatov and his followers have developed the promotion of new tissue for transplants, with the help of gradual stretching and growth of new tissue. As any genius, this principle looks pretty simple: the body responds to the outside influence, the growth begins as the response of the organism during long periods of stress.

The effectiveness of each method

The stretchers

The fastest way, there is an increase of a member extender. The high efficiency of the method is related to the fact that the sexual organ extends for a long time – 6 hours per day, and the more time the impact of more rapid growth. Extender is an analogue of the apparatus Ilizarova, causes stretching of the crown with the help of the spring bars.

The devices are differentiated by the design and efficiency. Not to be mistaken in the choice, read the article on their differences. The correct use of the machine offers no difficulty, you can walk around the house and take care of their own affairs, and some models allow the application and outside of the house. After reading all the published materials on the topic, will surely come to the conclusion that the best solution is to buy an extender PeniMaster Pro, any of the models presented.


The suspension

Refers to the proven methods, but with limitations. Often you can read about the injury, the overload of the tissues of the penis from the suspension, and other problems. This is related to the fact that suspend is often very large load – 3 and more pounds in a short time – 1 to 2 hours a day. In addition, they are normally used in artisanal mines device to hang up, of great weight more a design error can result in serious injury. It is not necessary to try to compensate for the little time bear a great burden, this is an error.

Of the pump and the hydraulic pump

Conventional air pump for men, in fact, are not designed to increase, it is a marketing gimmick. They are designed for the short (a few minutes) periods of application, to create an erection. A longer stay in the vacuum damages the skin and causes a strong inflammation.

In a new type of pump there is no contact of the skin with the vacuum, therefore, hydro-water pump, can provide stronger and more durable for the traction of the tissues. The authority is stretched with the help of hot water that heats up well-the fabric, makes them more resistant. However, the maximum time of application in comparison with extender small – 20 to 30 minutes a day, an increase of one member of the hydraulic pump is going relatively slowly, and mainly in the volume. Therefore, this water pump is good, in addition, heating of the fabric before or after, it will increase the blood flow and increase the level of erection – instantly increase the manhood before having sex.

Massage popular methods of penis enlargement

This method is a stretching of the penis with the hands the different variants of the exercises. Such exercises is a lot, but makes a lot of sense to buy payment methodology not – there are no "secrets" of the exercises not all the exercises are free to access, there is not a universal program of classes. As in bodybuilding, you will need to pick up a customized program that will be effective in your case, on the basis of the reactions of the organism to different loads.

The massage is dealing with around 40 minutes per day, therefore, the rapid growth of he wait is not worth it, this technique also results in very slowly, during several years of exercise.

Will help if you the contraceptive pill, the cream or ointment?

Unfortunately, tablets, ointments or creams, that could effortlessly enlarge the penis, does not exist. There is no comment in the independent forums, in which it recorded a growth of certain pills or creams. Regulate the composition of the tablets is a set of vitamins and plant extracts, and creams contain conventional cosmetics constituent to the care of the skin.

Hormonal medications also, do not let the growth, this is another myth about how to increase the penis. The hormones can help only in the case of the under-development of primary sexual characteristics due to problems with the endocrine system at the period of puberty. However, in this case, the fact of not self-medicate prohibited the free sale of devices. To see a specialist, the doctor prescribing the medication and the dose.

the operation of increase of a member of the

However, special creams can be useful in increasing the penis. This hot creams that considerably strengthen the circulation of blood in the tissues, tone and saturated with oxygen. This cream heats up well the penis, ideal as a hot fat before a massage or classes with extender, can provide a higher level of erection before having sex. And healing properties has creams help in the case of microtraumas in the mucosa and of the skin.

Vitamins and minerals, and in particular the amino acids help stimulate the growth of tissues, the combination of reception of a course of these supplements with the exercise. In the professional field, and amateur sports bioaadidura and mineral complex, help in physical activity achieve more rapid and remarkable results. On the site there is a detailed article about what are the vitamin complexes ideal to stimulate growth.

It should be added that most of the times can not reach the of those that deals with the incorrect methodology, or irregular. Very dense coat, that does not stretch, is for the comments extremely rare – not more than 5% of the cases.

Surgery to enlarge the member

That is an operation of enlargement of the penis. During the operation, the surgeon crosses compatible with the ligament that secures the base of the penis to the pubic bone. Then, the penis pulled out with the extender, and others, as Well as the penis is the underside, the penis enlargement is produced precisely by your account.

The false notion that the operation can significantly increase the body. It is not so, usually, the penis increases in 1-1.5 cm, and the smaller their size, initially, the less of your internal part, which can be mobilized. When the penis as if you lose the support" — after an operation of ligament worse that supports it, the body inner part faces outward, all of this leads to what is reduced the angle of the erection. That is to say, the erect penis after the operation is directed not upwards, but downwards.

The use of an extender after the operation, necessarily, otherwise the penis will simply go back and will be in the same place as before the surgery. After the handling operation can be painful, therefore, if you have decided to increase the penis through the operation, make sure to adapt extender with it — after, literally, every hour counts.

And the best option is to simply start using an extender – with its help it is compatible with the ligament is gradually extended, it does not have the effect of reducing the angle of erection, and after the operation, the more the apparatus causes the growth of the penis. Perhaps the result will be sufficient and without the operation, and if you want to, you can spend later.

Built-in methods to speed up the penis enlargement

To get results as fast as possible, it is worth addressing the issue in a comprehensive way. The most effective way the methodology remains that of an extender, as it provides 6 hours of stretching the tissues in a day. BAD or hydro-pump of water can be a good complement to the extender.

Extender works primarily in the length, hydro-pump of water will help you to add on the volume.

BAD for an increase in the best supplements with L-arginine, which is the cornerstone of the protein. Arginine improves the nutrition of tissues and stimulate the release of growth hormone, and the correct complex of vitamins and minerals creates good conditions for growth, we are interested in, part of the body.

You can heat the tissue through the pump during the morning of the shower or the tub, after spending several sets stretcher, the combination of different loads gives an excellent result.

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It may seem that 6 months of wearing an extender for penis enlargement – long-term, but any work on himself, for example, bodybuilding or weight loss diet, it requires time, special, of classes, of the self-discipline. When you see the first results, you realize that every day he works in you, therefore, if you have the desire to change, start to take care of today.