Vacuum penis enlargement pump: the correct use?

The penis enlargement pump is worked with success by many men and is a cylinder in the form of a bulb and the pump driving air. The device can be used in the home, by performing specific exercises that help to increase the size of the penis in several see the effectiveness of the vacuum pump and what are its varieties can be found in the market?

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The principle of action

How to select the pump and understand all the variety of models? To do this, you must study its working principle, to pinpoint the directions.

Main indications:

  1. The significant reduction of the power.
  2. Low arousal.
  3. The discontent of the parameters of the penis.
  4. The lack of hardness in the base of the penis.

The device works according to the principle of the creation of a low pressure, which allows you to create downloaded environment to increase the pressure in the interior of the penis. This leads to improving the flow of blood to special bodies, due to that increase, are stretched.

With the correct application of vacuum, the environment helps to:

  • to increase sexual potency;
  • improve erections;
  • increase the size of the penis.
The effectiveness depends on the man, his desire and arrangement of begin the workouts.

As enlarge the penis with the help of the vacuum pump:

  1. It is necessary to use for a long period.
  2. Follow the training outline.

The pump can be used for medicinal purposes from a long time ago, but you must not abuse, excessive exposure leads to drying of the skin, the appearance in the penis, bruising and hematomas.

Types of devices

The vacuum pump is a general concept, under which fall the various types of devices. There are the following variations of pumps:

  • mechanical;
  • electric;
  • hydraulic.

Directly the efficiency of the appliance model type does not depend on, but there are certain differences that influence the appearance and the cost.

Mechanical devices

Water pump, with the standard of the structure. The exposure is performed at the expense of labor. The man himself can control the degree of pumping of air, monitors the state of the penis.


  1. You can not calculate the force and face undesirable consequences in the form of bruises and hematomas.
  2. There are certain drawbacks to the time of use.

But there is one major advantage: cost affordable. Acquire the appliance can be very price democratic.


The electrical appliance of the bulb, and automated pump, which controls only the degree of pumping of air. The structure of the standard unit, only the manual exposure is not required.

Advantages of the pump:

  • you have to respect the exposure;
  • rarely leads to the appearance of bruises;
  • comfortable and easy to use.

The probability that the device damage to the health of minimum damage, has the effect, but it has a high cost. This is worth to be considered as a disadvantage.

Hydro-water pump

Another type of device, it can be useful to man, decided to influence on the size of the member with the help of the pump.

Main advantages:

  1. Can be used in the bathroom.
  2. Of easy operation.
  3. Allows you to perform the control of the degree of exposure.

When you select this variant of the week, the man should keep in mind that the procedure requires a prior preparation. You will have to spend some time in hot water – this will help you to prepare for the training session.

How to choose

Having decided on the purchase of devices to increase the size of the penis of a man worth paying attention to:

  • in the density of the sealing gasket and its sealing;
  • the reliability of the structure;
  • in the price and the manufacturer;
  • in the comments of the users on the internet.

Board, that touches the skin is made wide variety of materials, it should, on the surface of he was not the damage in the opposite case, the seal will be broken.

Correctly manufactured the machine must be reliable. The solid design and sustainable small damage. If there is the possibility to assess this parameter, then why not take advantage?

Tax rate, has an important role, but to make a selection, it is important to pay attention not only on price, but also the clients of the men, who already use the pump of this model, with a desire to increase the size of the authority.

Useful tips

  1. It is better to choose the device with erectile ring.
  2. The bulb is made from a transparent glass. This will help you to monitor the process.
And another tip, before you start to closely examine the statement, even if the man is not the first time facing the apparatus.

Instructions for use

How to use a penis enlargement pump to achieve the desired result in a relatively short time?

To do this, you must comply with simple rules and recommendations:

water pump
  • do not abuse it (without fanaticism);
  • do not combine with the reception of the vasodilator drug;
  • leave the consumption of alcohol;
  • follow the training outline, conducting classes on a regular basis.

Is the standard of the rule, which saved as default, ignoring the fact that you can hardly find in the manual.

Pneumatic water pump

To begin training, it is recommended to apply to the body of lubricant. It helps to prevent damage, bruising and hematomas, as well as moisturize the skin, get rid of the dryness.

The scheme of vacuum pump to enlarge the penis in men:

  1. Before you start pumping air worth putting in a bottle of ring.
  2. Proceed to the realization of procedures (begin to pump the air).
  3. When a body reaches the special status of moving the ring to the base of the member. This will help to fix the result, prevents the reflux of the blood.
  4. Withstand the duration of the training, press the pressure relief valve.
  5. Remove the member of the light bulb.

The algorithm of simple action, but with one difference, there is that regular exercise, only then can you achieve the result.

Hydro-water pump

The instruction to this device it is easy, to get a good effect it's worth it:

  • fill the bathroom with warm water, so that they closed the cavity of the groin;
  • after a couple of minutes to insert relaxed body in the flask;
  • start of pumping;
  • if you have the need to restore the excess fluid through the valve;
  • when you are able to achieve a state of erection to fix the ring on the base of the penis and stop working;
  • to observe the process, controlling the degree of exposure.

If pain occurs, appeared unpleasant pains in the penis, or if you have other feelings is worth ending the process immediately.

The training scheme

You can develop an exercise plan, in a couple of weeks. Approximately, it would look like this:

  1. The first 7 days, you will have to go through 2 classes each day, with a duration of 10 minutes, not more.
  2. The next week, you should increase the duration of the session up to 15 minutes. Given 2 times a day, if they produce unpleasant sensations, you are returned to the primary training scheme.
  3. In the 3 weeks of help in the increase of the parameters of a member can be lengthy of workout that they perform: 1 session duration of 20 minutes.
  4. In the 4 week — 2 procedures, with a variable duration. 1 session — 10, the second 20 minutes.
  5. In the final stage of training will be of 20 minutes, is carried out in the morning, when waking up and at night, before bedtime, for a total of classes will be 40 minutes.

What type of care you require

Instruction Manual contains recommendations on how to operate the pump correctly. But by means of the pump has to take care of in addition to, following a series of simple manipulations.

What you should do:

  • wash with detergent and warm water before each use;
  • manage an antiseptic liquid of the seal and the jar will be in contact with the skin covering of the penis and the scrotum;
  • once finished the use of it again with detergent and dry with towels.

It is desirable to use as an antiseptic solution of Chlorhexidine or Furasil, preference may be given, and other medicines that are not in the composition of alcohol. And it's not worth the penalty before the application of the pump to put in a member of the range of beauty products from the cream of petroleum Jelly or mineral oil.

the care of the pomp


There are a number of diseases, conditions, which apply similar to those of b. it is not recommended. The absolute contraindications include:

  1. Heart and vascular diseases.
  2. Thrombosis, arteriosclerosis.
  3. Varicose veins of the pelvis.
  4. Infectious disease or inflammatory nature.
  5. Diseases of the sexual sphere (urology of nature).
  6. The presence of tumors of diverse etiology.
  7. Childhood or adolescence.
  8. The mental disorders.
  9. Clotting of the blood.

In addition to classes, don't pass, if they bring discomfort, accompanied by the appearance of painful sensations. In this case, which are not proper, but that will only do harm to the human health.

Other serious contraindications do not exist, the device may be used to men of different ages from 18 to 65 years.