Penis enlargement: techniques, tips and the possible consequences

Hard rules for the size of the penis is not installed. However, if the length of the penis of an adult man in a state of erection (excitation voltage) of less than 8 cm — this is considered as a deviation from the norm, referred to by some experts of a small penis. In the majority of cases, are normal, or not the dimensions of your penis, the man decides for himself. This depends on your aesthetic taste, consultations sexual partner and of the importance that, in general, gives the appearance and the aesthetic qualities of your penis. Keep in mind that the size of the penis does not generally influence the degree of sexual satisfaction of the partner in the sexual act.

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What it depends on the size of the penis, why some people is too small penis?

The size of the penis, as the dimensions of other parts of the body, determined by its inheritance and the characteristics of growth and development. If in the period of intrauterine formation of the fruit, and later on in the process of growth and of puberty, for some reason, was a noticeable lack of synthesis in the body of the male hormone testosterone, the development of the external genitalia (penis) can be altered. Upon reaching puberty (13 years) and adult men the use of testosterone in order to stimulate the growth of the genital organs and in most cases is not effective. The small size of the penis are the hypospadias, after injuries and operations.

I have a normal "average" penis. If it is my desire to increase, to change its shape?

The desire to increase the "average" penis is also normal, as the desire to increase the volume of the muscle mass and acquire new physical abilities. Many peoples at different times, the size of the penis was of great importance. Already in ancient greece and rome there was phallic worship, while the large and esthetically perfect penis symbolizes masculine strength, well-being, authority, and power. These beliefs and traditions have been preserved in the minds of men and in the present. Some men believe that their penis is far from existing in his mind an ideal, or by comparison with what they had seen in the magazines, in porn or in the locker room club. Therefore, it is not a coincidence that many men want to have more "representative" and the biggest sexual organ is in the quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

The desire to increase the size of the penis in erection is often determined by the characteristics of the sexuality of the sexual partner. Since many of the women derive more pleasure during the sexual act touching the head of the penis in the neck of the uterus and prefer long phalluses. Others experience the orgasm of the irritation of the labia minora and the clitoris. Women often to your partner's penis was thicker. Good and many men experience more pleasure in sex, the more brilliant and strong experience the orgasm of your partner.

It is no secret that many of the family disputes occur because of problems in the sexual sphere. And often hidden dissatisfaction of the woman is precisely in its antipathy penis size of your partner. So, whatever the reason, it has not driven the man to enlarge their penis is the desire is absolutely normal, and what is most important and has potential application. And although the effectiveness of the operations of penis enhancement today is not very high and there are a lot of complications, You can try doing this if you're not going to be aware of the obvious risks, including the deformation of the penis, its instability in time of the erection, as well as the lack of normal sensitivity, which can remain throughout life.

Are there techniques to growing your penis?

A penis more difficult than its elongation. Unfortunately, the only available conservative method of thickening the penis — the application of vacuum from the pump does not give results. Introduction under the skin of the penis variety of gels, pastes, vaseline oil gives to serious complications, up loss of the skin of the penis and even the ability of erection, if the gel comes in the erectile tissues. These patients have to operate with the objective of saving the penis and the recovery of its functions. Currently applied surgical and microsurgical techniques of the methodology to increase the diameter of the penis based on the migration of tissues from other parts of the body and is placed under the skin of the penis. One of these techniques provides for the transfer of the complex of deposits of fat in the gluteus maximus folds under the skin of the penis, which allows to increase its diameter in 1 — 2, is obtained in this way the fabric is then placed under the skin of the penis on its entire length (as you want to that wraps around the penis). The sampling locations stitched with a special aesthetic of the seam and is almost unnoticeable after the operation.

the penis enlargement surgery

Thus, the thickening of the penis achieved through the "mainstreaming" him of tissues from other parts of the body. If You want to increase the diameter of the penis in more than 1 cm, is used for this other operation — microsurgical thickening of the penis by the transfer of the muscle tissues. It is much more difficult and prolonged surgery is more difficult flows postoperacional period of long-term hospitalization. However, the more complex the task, the more difficult and more expensive for its decision. Before deciding on the surgery of thickening of penis should keep the following in mind. These operations are quite complex, and the long road. Require sometimes quite long (up to 10 days and sometimes more) of hospital stay and postoperative care of the physicians of the observation. There is a lot more high, in comparison with the operations of penis enlargement, the likelihood of complications. And although they are described and enable you to significantly increase the diameter of the penis, before doing so, you should thoroughly discuss all the details with Your doctor. Main the same, it should be understood that the miracles and the simple solutions in this delicate matter, it is not. It is likely that as a result of this operation has worse your penis, which will have its increase in diameter.

Can you make the lengthening and thickening the penis in a single operation?

In theory it is possible, but categorically it is not recommended. It is important to know that a thickening may be that he has already lengthened the penis. This is because the size of the tissues used for the thickening of the penis, it must match exactly with the size of the pendant part of the penis. And this is only possible when the sexual organ as the maximum points. If you do momentary operation can lead to deformation of the penis, the appearance of lump on its surface, and other complications.

What are the complications of the surgery of penis enhancement?

The most frequent early complications (the first few weeks after surgery include bleeding, putrefaction, the infection of long-lived swelling of the penis is usually temporary or a permanent reduction of the sensitivity of the glans of the penis, pain during erection. More frequent late complications of such operations are: changing the angle of the erection (because of that support the ligaments of the penis if the erection is not up, but forward or down), the shortening of the penis, the instability of member and its breakage during the intercourse, the resorcin or necrosis (assumed by the mortification) introduced under the skin of the penis to increase the width of the fabric, the disorders of erection, decreased sensitivity of the glans of the penis, the deformation and the curvature of the penis. Attention! Very common (more than 50% of the cases and more) made in the result of the operation result does not meet the expectations of the patient.

What to do if I have decided to enlarge your penis? Who to contact to avoid?

In the first place, you should not use announced "the ancient methods", "100% of the media", the services of healers and other "methods", provided for the increase of the penis without the participation of a medical doctor. Your expectations will be deceived 100%! You should know that in nature there are neither drugs, nor any type of complex exercises that help to increase the penis. If you want to get the real result, you should only go to doctors, professionally dealing with surgery and other penis enlargement methods. After the initial evaluation and survey, the doctor Will explain the real possibilities of increasing Your penis. An explanation of the augmentation techniques, the characteristics of your application, the possible side effects and complications. If it comes to surgery, penis augmentation, the technique of the surgery, their characteristics, the duration, the duration of the hospital stay, the period before resumption of sexual life, the risks and complications were present in all the details.

Be careful with the "professionals" who will talk to You only about the advantages of the proposed method and nothing about the deficiencies and the possible complications. Never take a decision about the operation too quickly under the pressure of a doctor, especially if not known among patients and professionals as an expert in the area of surgery of the penis. Think, evaluate the pros and cons. Be careful, if before the operation, You don't sign the Contract for the provision of health services and Informed consent. In these documents, you must resolve all of the nuances of the proposed treatment and follow-up of the relationship with the doctor and a health-care institution. Remember that penis enlargement will require special knowledge, impeccable surgical technique, careful compliance of all process stages of this process. Trust only professionals with a high reputation!

Some actual results of different techniques of penis enlargement.

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The most reliable results in the medicine will only be published in carefully edited professional medical journals. And they, not advertising articles in the press or on internet can serve as a reliable source of information. In the journal European Urology 2006, volume 49, number 4 (April), on page 729, published an article in English from the urologists C. Y. Li, O. Kayes, P. D. Kell and colleagues analyzed the results of the application of different techniques of penis enlargement. They report that the satisfaction of the patients ranged between 17 and 35%, approximately half of the patients required reoperation, which the vast majority has not given a good result. The frequency of surgical complications was 10%. The authors recommend that before taking a decision on the operation of penis enlargement to think carefully about, and in some cases, the alleged weakness of the genital are advised to consult a psychiatrist or psychotherapist. Draw conclusions of our own, dear patients!!!