The man in increase the thickness (diameter) of a member - tested and proven methods.

The size of the penis, without doubt, affects the self-esteem of any man. The youth, which nature gave significant in the volume of the penis, average, or the empire. The rest of the same, as a general rule, low. And in this case, the value has a length and width of your penis. Every man wants to orgasm she received not only him, but of his betrothed. Having a member of the small size of the circumference, make it difficult. What to do if your diameter is not satisfied? How to increase the girth of the penis?

massage for penis enlargement

The modification options without surgery

There are many ways to add to the width of the dignity of the men a couple of inches in the home. So, increase your volume with:

  1. The massage.
  2. Extender.
  3. Vacuum of the pump.
  4. Erectio of the rings.

Although its effect will be seen immediately, but only after 2-3 months, but more centimeters to the width of the penis exactly will be added, and the favorite of the girl begins to receive the orgasm in the moment of intimacy.


The objective of this study is the increased volume of blood in the penis, ebbing at the time of the excitation, which is determined by its width. As they point out the young people, it is the easiest way of thickening of penis, and does not require any type of cost. After the course, the classes of "dignity" is not only longer, but also increases the circumference. Before training, one should warm the tissue with the help of the sponge and hot water. Then apply on the penis grease, cream or other tool that can help to increase your volume. "In the dry" and without the preparatory heating of the tissue to perform the massage of increase in the thickness of the authority is not recommended because it can damage the fabric.

As well as to increase the member must do:

  • With your right hand, tighten the root of the penis, and the slow pace ending up at the side of the head. When it comes to the crown of the head, press the member with the left hand and repeat the movement. In this way, will have the effect of your stretch. Thanks to that it becomes the best part, not only the width, but the length.
  • Now place two fingers: the thumb and index finger – and gently massage from the base to the head. The skin try to stretch as much as possible. When you return to the base of the penis, even to consolidate the capture.
  • Then, the same fingers form the ring at the base of the penis and closing. This exercise would make the change of your amount of width.
  • Start to stretch their set out in the state in the different parts of 10 seconds. Right between the approaches of the breaks. They should last the same time that it is in itself stretching. At the end, release the key.

Important! It is necessary to leave the classroom, designed to increase the thickness of the penis, if they have appeared the sensations of pain. It is necessary to consult with a specialist if the next training session have arisen again.

Can increase the width of a member, doing exercises? Of course! However, to see the result, it is necessary to deal with every day for several months.



It is a device that increases the size of the dignity of the circumference. It was originally created just to lengthen the penis. However, after the experts have noticed that when you hold the use of your member increases in length and in thickness. Thanks to this adaptation, it pumped all the tissues of the muscles, so that the growth of the penis occurs in a uniform manner. He is under the influence of the mass of the extensor is stretched, by which the body generates new cells. Finally there is a change in the size of the penis diameter.

To use the device, you may not to all men who wish to make a larger width of the member. The extender there are no contraindications. Well, you can not with him, try to add inches of diameter of the penis in patients with anatomical abnormalities of the structure of appendages of the testes, seminal vesicle, funicles', the testicles or the penis.

The rest of the representatives of the male gender with audacity to use the extender to increase the width. However, it is not worth to expect quick results. The circumference of the authority will begin to increase only one month after the beginning of its use.

Vacuum of the water pump

This device increases the volume of blood in the penis, stimulating the blood flow and the development of the cavernous tel. Thanks to this, and there is an increase of the diameter. A disadvantage of the accessories is that the effect of it is temporary. After the normalization of the circulation of the blood thickness and length of the penis is reduced, getting to be as they were before use.

For the achievement of a long-term effect should carry the pump on a regular basis. In addition to the penis increase in girth, through it we can improve the erection and the regularization of the power in the man.

Erectio ring

How can you increase the thickness of the member and with the help of this device? For the growth in width should be put on the base of the penis, which, in turn, must be in an excited state. The action of the unit consists in the acceleration of blood flow. The erection in men after your transport is maintained for a longer time than usual. The orgasm becomes brighter.

Attention! It is possible the shared use of the last two devices destined to change the size of the penis in the volume. Thanks to this increase centimeters in diameter will appear faster.

What is needed to do

The normal blood circulation and speeding up the production of testosterone – here are 2 factors on which depends the growth of a member of the circle. So that these conditions are respected, it is necessary to:

diet for men
  1. Stop consuming fast food, sodas and other harmful, eat and go on a healthy diet. The products that feeds the man, you must contain fish oil, magnesium, zinc and vitamins of group of Century, Thanks to them, it will boost the production of testosterone.
  2. To get rid of bad habits, such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. At least 8 hours a day of deliver the dream. Spend more time outdoors. This will help ensure that, in general, to heal the wounds throughout the body.
  3. Less sit, move more. This will allow you to avoid the stagnation of the blood in a small pelvis.
  4. Lead regular sexual life, as well as abstinence can have a negative impact on the body. For example, in a young person, who for a long time, not had intimacy, you can develop prostatitis. If the sex life will be regular, breast not stagnate, and to produce adequate amount of hormones.
  5. Or run or do weight resistance training. This will also contribute to the production of testosterone.

To cock began to grow in diameter, it is necessary to perform all of the tips.


Thick and long penis is always the reason for the pride of the young and the admiration of women. But, unfortunately, the nature of that member of the reward not all of them. For many it is small in diameter.

It's not worth panicking boys, whose thickness of the penis below the average. If there is a will, you can increase the width in the home. Only required to comply with all these recommendations, as well as to do a massage of the authority or to dress in it some of the time expander, vacuum pump or vacuum Erectio ring. However, the representatives of the male sex, the possibility of increasing the girth of the penis, it should be understood that the desired effect does not appear immediately, and only after several months.