The enlargement of the nozzle member of: types, models, popular, customers

One of the most simple, effective, safe, and low cost of the penis enlargement methods are considered to be the mouthpiece. Not only help increase the penis size, but to diversify the sexual life, prolong erection, make orgasm brighter and memorable.

nozzle for penis enlargement

How it works the nozzle for penis enlargement?

Nozzles for the single member of the intima of return, which helps increase the phallus in the length and/or width (depending on the model), without exhausting the exercise, the long-term use of the different instruments and surgical interventions. They do not cause the physical growth of the penis, but they are at the expense of what they put on the erect member and increase their length and volume directly during sex. Accordingly after the removal, the authority it returns to the same size.

You can compare it with dildos, but unlike these latter, in order to enjoy this sex-toy to increase the phallus, only men can. The accessories are needed especially to men who wish to:

  • give your partner the full satisfaction of the sexual relationship;
  • compensate for natural penis size;
  • prolong the sexual act and the erection;
  • increase the stimulation during the sexual contact;
  • to diversify the sexual life, the practice of deep penetration.

Limitation of use, the elongation of the nozzle member do not have, except you are hypersensitive for the materials with which they are made.


A wide range of nozzles for penis enlargement which allows each man to find the best option. Expanders are classified in:

  1. Type of design: for the lengthening and thickening, open and closed.
  2. Type of surface: smooth, ribbed, create realistic relief of the penis, with warranty, with a mustache, balls, tacos.
  3. The color. The most common color of flesh, which simulates a real penis. Are transparent, red, purple, and other colors.
  4. Material. Is cyber skin, latex, silicone mouthpiece, TPR, TPE.
  5. Additional features, for example, by the presence of the vibration for increased stimulation.
nozzle for penis enlargement how to apply

The elongation of the nozzle, normally closed. Help to enlarge the penis in length from 2 to 10, and Superficially looks like the cover condom, fully cover the member and have a stimulus. Therefore, some people think that it can be used as a rechargeable tool for the safe use of the sexual relationship. But the penis enlargement nozzles are not a contraceptive and does not protect against unwanted pregnancy.

The men were used as magnifying lenses, there is a decrease in sensitivity during sex, but this is an advantage for those who regularly are faced with the premature ejaculation.

Nozzles for the thickening can be opened and closed. They have, as a rule, stimulus: that sticks out of the surface, the realistic imitation of the veins, antennas, etc, Especially popular among the men the devices, at the same time to lengthen the penis and make it thicker.

Special attention should be paid open the nozzle to thicken. They have a variety of forms: setochki; spiral; they are in the form of two rings, united by a bridge; wide cylinder, ... of These expanders allow you to obtain the full satisfaction of the sexual relations of the two partners.

How to use?

To penis enlargement device is not rubbed and easily worn, it is recommended to smear a member of the lubricant. He must be in a state of arousal. It puts the magnifying glass as a condom:

  1. While stretching, coiling up to the top, put on the head of the member and extend over the entire length.
  2. If the evil spreads, to pick up the accordion and spread over the length of the phallus.

In some nozzles for penis enlargement are present tie to the scrotum – that provide greater fixation of the product and amplifies the sensations by means of the compression of the testicles. If the belt is not accessory to keep the vacuum.

Security measures

Device to increase the penis must be securely stored, keep out of reach of the sun's rays, sudden changes of temperature. In the opposite case, the term of exploitation will be of short duration and in a short time the skin cracks, which can cause breakage of the material.

It is not recommended to use the magnifying glass to the anal sex. The muscles of the anus, firmly grasping the penis, which can cause slipping of the nozzle. In addition, it can cause a spasm of the anal sphincter, which produces an involuntary loss of the reduction of smooth muscles in the anus.

How much long it is better to choose?

So as not to err in the purchase, the man before the purchase, which increases the vaporizer must measure the size of your member. This option in the future will be determinant in the choice of a magnifying lens: the depth should be equal to the length of the penis.

For example, the total length is 20 cm, the product lengthens the phallus 5 cm, then, its depth is 15 cm, If the penis will be more or less than this depth, nozzle to enlarge the penis is large or, on the contrary, is low.

But there are universal models that devolvunt as the condom and you can adjust the length. Also sold the products, which can be cut and adapt the size of the penis of men.

Necessarily, pay attention to the inner diameter of the accessory to the increase of the penis. For that the product is not expressum the skin of the penis and did not bring the discomfort during intercourse, should be made from the stretch material. If the nozzle diameter is 3 cm, then the penis, 3.5-4 cm should be comfortable.

nozzle for the enlargement of the penis length

In terms of the material, the optimum is the cyber skin. It is more realistic and pleasant to the touch, both for the man as for the woman, who quickly adapts to body temperature. Women as a penis enlargement product that you like, as the maximum mimic this penis, there is no feeling of something extraneous. If you need a stiff nozzle, ideal silicone, latex, gel or any other material.

To the feeling that men are not dulled during sexual intercourse due to the mouthpiece, which elevates the phallus, closed, it is recommended to pay attention to the models with the vibration.

The care of the peaks

Before using the toy for the enlargement of the penis, wash with soap and water, let dry. Repeat this procedure after each use. The lack of hygiene of the product may cause genitourinary infections. To save the material in the best way, it is recommended to grease the enlarger of quality with water-based lubricant.