Penis enlargement – effective methods

The increase of the length or width of the penis can influence the stress of the health of men. The small member often leads to the derision of the beautiful half of humanity, and is also able to cause the greater part of the patients neurotic state and serious of the disease on the part of the mentality. One of the effective methods to change the size of the dignity of man is the penis augmentation surgery.

as to enlarge the member

What are the methods of penis enlargement

Around the penis of a man walks a lot of the gossip and the fiction of the legends, however, it is necessary to understand that from the physiological point of view normal to the length of the penis is carried out within the framework of 12 to 18 cm in erect state.

Penis enlargement is not only possible through surgery, but also through a number of methods that do not require the intervention in the body of men. Them concern:

  • The use of vacuum pumps contributes significantly to the blood flow to the penis of men. After sustainability of the erection, the penis clamped at the base of all type of accessories, for example, the latex of the rings. This method prevents the reflux of blood from the corpora cavernosa of the member, and its length increases by a few centimeters in comparison with normal erection no different auxiliary means. However, it should be remembered that the use of vacuum pumps is not curative by the method, and is based on the physiological characteristics of the male body. After discontinuing the use of vacuum accessories a member instantly acquires common dimensions. Note that the disadvantage of the use of pumps may be swelling of the authority, the presence of hematomas due to the rupture of the blood vessels, as well as the violation of the erectile capacity of the penis.
  • The use of all types of weighting, the adaptations and the "special" of the exercises to increase the penis, not it is other, as the campaigns of dubious producers, that produce "effective" devices that guarantee an immediate result. The gender of the male organ, you can not inflate or stretch with the help of weights or dumbbells. Its use may cause injury to the authority or cause breakage of the ligaments that hold the member. "Stretching" the penis can be carried out only after the surgery is the treatment under the supervision of a specialist with the use of special extenders (combined increase). These devices can be used, and without surgical interventions. Its effectiveness is very high.

Tip: to avoid wasting the money and disappointment later, not worth to buy all sorts of creams for external use, and other "healing powers" medicines for penis enlargement in the volume. Do not carry any medicinal charging and absolutely ineffective.

The operation

The realization of this operation, led by the increase of the male of childbearing age, of the authority through the intersection and the subsequent attachment of the ligaments of the pelvis, responsible for the retention of the penis. Thanks to such a way that physicians can release the order of 3-5 cm of the inner part of the penis. Above similar to the surgical technique is carried out with the circumcision of the men of the foreskin of the member. The modern techniques allow to avoid this and to maintain their parallel, the increase in age of childbearing, of the authority.

The operation is considered (it is not so difficult, for example, as amputation of limbs), and lasts around half an hour. It is necessary to point out that if we increase in age of childbearing, the authority may, in parallel to conduct the operation in the testicles in men (for example, if it is detected pathology can be assigned to the operation of a varicocele), however, the feasibility of the intervention, we can determine only the primary care physician. After the celebration of the plastic of the penis, the patient may be in the hospital the urology offices of about a day. The expiry of the period of two weeks after the surgery, they removed the points.

Tip: to avoid discrepancies of surgical sutures in the penis it is recommended to abstain from sexual relations after the operation in the period of 3 weeks.

How can you increase the girth of the penis

The increase in the thickness of the penis male organ is possible. This is less traumatic operation: is performed the puncture of the skin of the penis special tool for the introduction of the own fat of the patient, or a gel. After their celebration on the penis is applied to protect the bandage.

the methods of penis enlargement

Note that this operation may involve the location of the adipose tissue in a specific part of the penis, which leads to its roughness and tuberosity of the authority. To avoid the complications and inflammation of the tissues, to increase the thickness of the member, using different polymers prosthesis, provide the aesthetic appearance of the authority and do not influence the deterioration of the quality of their functions.

Features of the postoperative period

The most effective way to lengthen the penis is considered to be a combined methodology, which includes the use after surgery and the use of jelqing (realisation of special massage for fertile the authority to change its length). Let's look at the characteristics of these methods:

  • The use of an extender after the operation allows to considerably improve the effect of the increase of the authority. In addition, this device contributes to correct its curvature and the recovery correct anatomical situation. The younger the patient, the more obvious the effect of the combined use of the fashion.
  • As for the jelqing, this massage of the methodology should be carried out after the elongation of the authority within a period of 2-3 months every day at least 1 hour a day. The massage of the manipulation of the penis is performed to the patient with the hands in a state of excitation, of the authority and consist of your time. During the massage produces the greatest blood flow of the penis and size increase.

Before you decide to this cardinal step, as the increase in the volume of the penis through surgery, you should reflect on the fact that, despite its efficacy, not even an expert can predict the end result. The possible postoperacional complications can be attributed to scarring of the tissues of the penis and the presentation of the infection. Often occurs the reduction of the sensitivity of the authority, you can change the position of the penis during erection, as they is disturbed anatomical from its original position, and even the development of impotence (rarely).

The operational result of the increase in male of childbearing age, the authority are satisfied, with no more than one-third of all patients. As practice shows, to extend the authority in a range of 1 to 4 see Precise guarantees can not give nor be a practitioner surgeon.