How to do massages to enlarge the penis: the best techniques and effect

A man relaxes before receiving a penis enlargement massage

A variety of penis enlargement techniques allows a man to choose. positivemassage results are proveninvestigation of competent sources.

Kemmer Aaron in the book "Exercises to enlarge the penis" gives the results of the experiment: 1000 recipients with regular training increased their size by 2-4 cm in 3 months.

Gerry Griffin, in his monograph Penis Enlargement Techniques, points to the analysis of scientist Brian Richards, who in 1975 achieved similar research results. Penis enlargement is impossible - a myth that is dispelled in our material.

How to enlarge a penis with a massage

The muscles of the body are transformed under external influence. The penis is no exception. The structure of the organ shows the effectiveness of massage "from the inside".

The penis is made up of two muscles.: bulbous-spongy and ischiocavernosus. Inside there are cavernous cavities. With sexual arousal, the corpora cavernosa fill with blood and the penis increases in size and hardens.

Massageaffects the volume of the cavities. It expands them, making room for new blood. It stimulates the entry of cells into the tissue, the interior of the phallus. The skin becomes elastic, stretched. The penis becomes longer and thicker.

Method Efficiency

Daily Executionexercise has a positive effect on the intimate sphere of a man's life. Even if you give him 5 minutes.

  • Improves blood circulation in the body.
  • The erection becomes firmer and better.
  • Eliminate premature ejaculation.
  • A man becomes more durable in sex.
  • The power increases.
  • There is control over the erection.

Is it possible to enlarge a penis with a massage?

Due to regular massage, the size of the penis has increased in a man.

Regular massage will increase the size of the phallus.5 to 7 cm long and 2-3 cm in volume.

For thisPenis enlargement massage is performed daily., long time.The first changes are observed at least a month later.

The penis of most practitioners grows at a rate3 cm after 3 months of regular training. The values are individual −1. 5 to 5cm. Performing massages for more than 1 hour a day improves the final result.

preparation stage

The massaged area is previously kneaded. Otherwise, there is a riskdamage the penis.

The first stage is relaxation. The body must be open. To begin with, they carry out water procedures - take a warm shower. Lightly stroke the penis, testicles, and groin. The tissues become softer and the blood penetrates more intensively. Then warm your hands.

The towel is moistened with warm water and wrapped around the penis. This increases blood flow. The massage starts after two minutes.

The preparation is complemented by a warm-up.

Types of training:

  1. Relaxation

    We lubricate the organ with a lubricant and carry out stroking movements with the thumbs on the lateral surfaces. Direction: from the base to the head. Procedure time: up to three minutes.

  2. Rubbing

    We grab the phallus with both palms and roll it from side to side. We focus on our own feelings.

  3. shake

    We perform light swings to the sides. Exercise is excellent for relieving stress.

Main types and techniques.

When performing the procedure, listen carefully to the body's reaction to manipulation.If you experience pain, reconsider the established course.

Penis massage to increase its size

jelqing technique

Jelqing is a technique to increase blood flow to the phallus. This stimulates tissue growth.The effect is determined in 2-3 months..

Concomitant means apply special creams and ointments. They also warm the body.

To achieve tangible results, the technique is performed daily.

There are three types of jelqing:

  • Wet

    Before we start, we knead the genitals.Massage for penis growth is carried out with running hot water, using a cloth or towel. We wrap the organ and proceed to the stretching of the penis.

  • Index and thumb ring to hold the penis when performing a massage
  • wet with lubrication

    intimate drugapplied to the penis with gentle movements. We connect the index and thumb with a ring, we grab the base. We slide along the entire length of the penis without squeezing it. We regularly increase the number of moves (from the first day and up to 200 times).

    The erection is controlled.It does not exceed a third of the state total. By increasing, they are waiting for a return to the previous state.Perform 100 repetitions in 90 seconds.

  • Dried

    The position of the fingers is a ring, but the circumference is done with five fingers. Dry workouts are in the morning. At this time, testosterone is elevated in the body. We direct the movements from the base to the head.

dao technique

We act on the head of the penis. We hold the member with a ring of connected index fingers and thumb. The movement is at a slow pace. The objective is to direct the blood to the head, where we hold the hand for 10 seconds.

  • uli technique

    Exercise increases thickness. We grab the penis and squeeze it for 40 seconds. We repeat 5 times. We act in an excited state.

  • double uuli

    We place one hand on the base, the second around the head. We perform tightening and loosening simultaneously for 50 seconds.

  • Reverse Uli-Jelqing

    With one hand we grab the penis at the base, with the second - around the head. Throw to the base. We bring the phallus to an erect state. We do 30 repetitions.

Technique 4

MassageIt is done standing and sitting. Relax. Grab the head with your hand and squeeze it hard. The penis is pulled back until discomfort occurs. After 60 seconds, roll more. Wait another 4 minutes. Then make 30 circular movements of the hand around the penis. Then repeat the exercise in four directions with breaks tomassage. The procedure is completed by holding the penis in a straight position for 60 seconds and performing 10 compressions. The first results are felt after 2 weeks..

Proper execution is painless! Don't pinch the nerve at the head.

Technique 5

Member in a relaxed state. Hold the penis around the trunk together with the head. Then pull back until you feel a stretch. Hold for 30-60 seconds. Repeat after a break - 10 minutes.

A woman admires the large size of her man's penis.

Technique 6

First, we do a breathing exercise. We take a deep breath through the nose, hold the air in the throat for a couple of seconds, then swallow, lowering the abdomen.

Mentally move it towards the penis. We place the index, middle and ring fingers at the Wu-Yun point (between the scrotum and the anus). Strengthens the limb, circulates energy. Breathing is restored. With the other hand, pull the penis back and forth 36 times. We bring the penis to an erect state by stroking the head. We grab the base, move the hand forward, pull to the right, turn 46 times. We do the same to the left.

Along with the massage, a cream, ointment or gel is used to increase the penis.


Compliance with the rules for conducting massage will protect against unpleasant consequences.Each type and technique has its own recommendations..

General rules:

  • Warm up to avoid injury.
  • The exercises are not performed in a state of full erection.
  • Follow the exercise technique.
  • In case of allergic reactions, pain or itching, the execution is stopped.
  • Do not increase the load abruptly.
  • The movements are carried out without problems.


A man enlarged his penis and improved his intimate life with his beloved woman thanks to a massage

Penis enlargement with massagepossible, as long as you do it regularly, follow directions, and have a positive attitude.

Massagerestores male sexual energy. In addition to an actual increase in size, the methodimproves the quality of intimate life.