Cream for penis enlargement: the customers, the price, the myth or the reality

Cream for penis enlargement is a very common tool, used least once in your life 90% of the men. For some men, the problem of the lack of size of the penis is not global, it becomes a real disaster. Prevents build relationships with the opposite sex and can give rise to more complex problems. To increase the dignity of man without surgery apply ointments, lubricants, gels, and creams.

as to enlarge the member

How they work these preparations?

The principle of action of these substances to the member's quite simple. Performed on the organ immediately before puberty, the proximity and have the purpose of increasing the manhood. Before using creams, ointments or gels to increase the dignity of man, it is necessary to carefully read the instructions of use, the composition, the action of each substance and possible side effects. As part of the tools should not contain components that cause the user of an allergic reaction.

Unlike the company's dietary supplements and medications accepted within, these substances have the point of impact only in one organ of the human body. This prevents that the mass of the complications, and rule out contraindications. A gel is applied to the enlargement of the penis just before intercourse.

The difference between the different drugs on the composition and the period of validity:

  • Cream to enlarge the penis in the short term.
  • The tool to obtain the long-term effects.
  • The substances that are used in combination with other stimulate and excite the media.

With the help of drugs of the 1st category, you can increase the size of the male organ in sex – in a couple of hours. These creams allow you to momentarily get rid of all complexes and feel more comfortable in bed with his wife.

Ointment to the increase of the penis of continuous actions will increase the authority in the dimensions both in length and in width. Only the result of these creams do not show at the same time. To do this, several consecutive months, it will be necessary to apply a substance in a given schema.

Any gel for the augmentation of the penis increases the blood flow to the sexual organ, it is best to nourish the erectile tissues. Through this increase in size. Studying the clients of the men on the cream, it can be seen that these funds are considered to be the most popular, because that will have a positive effect, very easy to use, and its effect is maintained for a long time.

Increase the member of gel, which can interact only in combination with other medications in a significant way and maintain the long-term effect.

To obtain the desired effect, it is enough to consult a doctor, who will appoint a powerful complex.

What is the treatment?

To increase the member of gel and do not have side effects, it is advisable to know the components that enter into the composition. The main components of all the drugs in the following:

tools for penis enlargement
  • Extractor hood buckthorn ica contains antiseptic natural.
  • The maca peru is rich in components such as zinc and selenium, which are essential for the health of men.
  • Hood of shepherd bags contributes to the dilation of the vessels and tones the muscles.
  • Extract the rod of gold contains large amount of saponin and phenolic compounds. It has anti-inflammatory and mop effects. Well relieves irritation and sensation of itching and burning.

Important component is allantoin, which contributes to the rapid regeneration of the tissue cells. Special attention should be given to barbed of the plant, allowing it to monitor and replenish levels of testosterone. Grape seed extract influences beneficially on the walls of the blood vessels, making them flexible and more toned. The epimedium spectrum of activity compared with the effect of Viagra. Similar composition have almost all of the ointments for penis enlargement.

What is the effect of the application can be expected?

Cream to increase the penis slides over the authority of the thin layer. When this man must distribute it over the skin, massaging a little, as can gravity. As a result of the fabric penis swell and increase in length and width. In addition to all this, appears persistent erection, which arises from the fact that the composition of the substance rich excited components. On average, the increase of the penis is from 0.5 to 1 centimeter. However, a persistent effect only in time, while acting active substances.

Pros "magic" of soft bottoms

The instruction on the application of ointment to the penis enlargement with the detailed description carried out properly the steps to enlarge the member gel is found in every package. The amount of cream that is recommended by the manufacturer, and the regularity of the application of the tool – the only real recommendations, in which you can get the best effect. Some of the advantages of these tools are:

  • An affordable price.
  • Versatility of use.
  • There is No age limit.
  • The possibility of use at any time of the day.

Who should be the tool

The majority of men, in which there is a real problem with the size of the penis, carefully hidden from others and, often, try to use insurance of the methodology to increase it. In consequence, the situation worsens at times.

As well, cream for penis enlargement, you need to apply those who bother the serious problems:

  • The small sizes of penis.
  • Decrease of the strength of the erection or its complete absence.
  • The premature ejaculation.
  • The reduction of the sensitivity of the tissues of the penis.

Many men refuse ointment, gel or cream, because they think that all of this publicity, the hype and the lie of marketing. However, modern medicine has long ago found many ways to help a man to feel alpha-male. Constantly open to new steps from long ago who thou and all substances, which together give the desired result.

Contraindications of cream to enlarge the penis a little. The main of them is the presence of an allergic reaction to one of the agents. This is accompanied by redness of the skin, rashes and discomfort in the area of the penis. In this case, the support perfectly ointment for itching genital.

On the internet a multitude of opinions and comments on the cream, many of which are positive, but there are negatives. The reality is that trust and be sure of the veracity of the impossible. It all depends on what type of cream I bought it the man, as properly has used it and what were the desires. Perhaps the imagination to develop the man inconceivable dimensions of the dignity of man, and in reality was much more simple. This resulted in the negative, the mistrust and the belief that it is a myth.

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In search of incredible dimensions it is worth remembering that these are legends and even physiological point of view, it is simply impossible. Those men, who of a good result consider 0.5–1 cm of growth, will be very pleased with the action of drugs. In the search of the length of the penis should not forget that the sexual life diverse and vibrant do not only in size.