As enlarge the penis methods

The small size of the penis affects the sexual life of men: it suppresses the sensitivity during the sexual act, the couple, especially if the woman has the standard width and depth of the vagina. For this reason, some men have to be different, sometimes very dangerous and dubious in its effectiveness, the experiments of penis enlargement.

as to enlarge the member

Do I have to increase the penis?

It must be said, that the operation is not recommended: there is a category of men who are not satisfied even with objectively normal parameters of his fruitful of the authority. Such european men are considered to be from 12 to 16 cm in length. If a man asks for a penis when such data source, the doctor tries to find the original cause of the inferiority complex. It can be prudent to recommend the use of a psychologist, as it is evident that a surgery of an internal problem in any case, will not be resolved. This is probably dysmorphophobia, or inadequate perception of parts of your own body. Therefore, even if you use the method of plastic, and she succeeds, no one will give you the guarantee that the result is to fully satisfy you.

Another thing, if your normal size member, there is a slight deformation (asymmetry, curvature) – in this case, the aesthetic, the surgeon will help you regain the sexual appeal of the authority.

Another important point is the length of the penis which is necessary to evaluate solely in a state of arousal. Then, if in the locker room of a sports club and you see someone penis of considerable size, this does not mean that when the erection will be increased considerably. And therefore, the reasons for doubt in the very foundation of sexual in comparison with someone who has, a priori, should not occur.

Today the advertising of methods of penis enlargement with the help of alternative medicine which can be found in any place. Annually of the order of 20000 men exposed to the influence of advertising and begin to use very dubious medicines and accessories to the increase of the penis, without even being aware of its dangers, and sometimes fatality.

Dangerous and relatively safer methods of penis enlargement without surgeon

  1. The weights are of the oldest tools to increase the sexual organ of the man. They used them even in the tribes. It is considered that the charge associated to sex and authority, are able to "pull" it down. Surprisingly, these goods are put into practice and now. Those who have had the opportunity to see with their own eyes, they point out that seem to torture instruments of the inquisition. Be that as it may, the doctors said: with the help of these devices can be achieved unless the stretching of the skin. In the size and volume of the member, this does not affect you in any way.
  2. The training apparatus. There are special teams, supposedly allow you to "build" the penis. But the first thing that you have to learn if you want to buy machinery like: your penis is not a muscle. And that is a waste of money. Even more so, through such devices can tighten blood vessels that feed the authority, and for a long time put at risk the circulation of the blood, causing thrombosis local the veins.
  3. Vacuum pump to time be a classic among lovers of adventure, for the expansion of the penis. The essence of the method consists in placing on the penis special of the suction cup. The vacuum stimulates the cuts the blood flow to the genitals, after which the construction of the drop and close the base member of a deck or a ring. I must say that this method is often used in official medicine, but for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The "wear and tear" of the construction in the penis can have no more than 25 to 30 minutes, after which, inevitably, begins tissue damage. Vacuum of the water pump is the best for the amount and the frequency of complications. The most common of them is the damage of the blood vessels and nerves, ecchymoses, hematomas, abscesses, temporary impotence. It should be noted, that the process of "empty magnification" is not a pleasant procedure.
  4. "Jelcing". Less dangerous, but equally useless method of penis enlargement. It consists of a series of long manual exercises. According to legend, these exercises have been invented yet the wise arabs and transmitted from generation to generation. In reality, the "training" were invented by the same marketing campaigns, until the day of today, courtesy of allow to enumerate them accounts round the sum for the detailed schedule of classes. The exercises do not bring any results, is time-consuming (of the order of 30 to 60 minutes every day), and require incredible self-discipline – to carry out only in the the penis without erection.
  5. Pills, Badi, ointments and creams. Contain, as a general rule, plant extracts and chemical stimulants. The main ingredient – "the herb of mountain goat", that supposedly apply to uses similar to the chinese. Of course, any effect of such media will not bring. And in the worst cases, lead to intense allergic reactions and internal pathology.

In ancient times there were even more barbaric methods of penis enlargement size. For example, men in the east indies, and families have resorted to the help of poisonous snakes and insects. After the bites of penis pooh and, in consequence, has grown in size. The term of validity of this procedure varies from a few weeks up to six months. Reasonable civilized man can imagine what terrible complications brought these rituals.

the methods of penis enlargement

Artisanal methods of penis enlargement are the most dangerous. However, sometimes no less risky procedures they offer and the qualified doctors. Are the most popular, we had benefited from full invasive test that consists of the operation. She thought she had extensive dissection of the skin of a member of your trunk with the introduction momentnea the implementation in it the cartilage of the transplant. Such surgical procedures are called the mass of the side effects of a complicated rehabilitation, up to full impotence.