Exercises for penis enlargement - the complex for the elongation of penis

As you increase the size of your penis? This question interested not only to men but also to their excellent companions. Unfortunately, not all representatives of the stronger sex absolutely sure of themselves and are willing to do much for the cause of the increase of his dignity.

exercises for penis enlargement

As you increase the size of your penis?

Some men really want to increase the length and diameter of the penis. Some are afraid that them "it is less than that of the other", others believe that it could be more."

Before you take action and change your sexual organ, it is worth to know, that the normal size of a member (you can, simply underestimate?) and what ideal penis size (probably is, precisely, the size of your penis will bring the companion of pleasure and not pain?).

Increase in penis size is possible in several ways. Non-surgical is:

  • the pump;
  • the exercise and the weighting;
  • procedure medications.

Vacuum of the water pump

This classical method and is often used to increase the penis. The member is placed in a small cylinder that connects to the air pump.

Thanks to this vacuum begins to encourage the flow of blood, the penis becomes impatient and visually increases. After a member of the fastened certain ring, which prevents the rapid flow of blood. This method is not the best, because:

  • after the removal of the ring member becomes the same size, what was before;
  • this does not exclude the temporary impotence;
  • are possible bruising, damage to the blood vessels;
  • bring the ring may be not more than half an hour, otherwise, could result in damage to the tissues.

Exercises and weights

Prior to the application of these items remember that the penis is not the biceps. Your inflate, not can. However, some sources claim that it can provide users with the special program of training which will help you to increase the sexual organ.

One of the complexes of exercises to increase the size of the penis is a massage service. Something like combines elements of the ancient arab techniques that do wonders.

There are also different weights, which are dressed in the sexual organ and extend. Something as well as after to regulate its transport (8 hours in the day!) it is possible to increase the penis. However, it is very doubtful method, because with its help you can stretch the skin, but not the same body.

methods to increase the

Magical creams and pills

There is neither a medical certificate, which confirmed that the use of these drugs influences the size of the penis. Most of these "medicines" in the composition are ginseng, "herbal viagra", the grass of mountain goat. They are not harmful to the body of the men, but the effect does not have.

As increasing the length of the penis surgically?

Unlike the previous methods, surgical intervention may give the real effect. But before you lie down on the operating table, it is worth to remember about the possible risks.

In the year 2006 in the european edition of urology today published an article in which he said that the half of the length, which can increase the sexual organ, is 2-2.5 see today patients offer two main types of operations.

The increase of the length of the penis

As is known, the sex organ is fixed to the pelvis through the presence of special strong ropes. These support the ligaments are associated with the transmission of the authority and the hide part of inside the body. As a result of the operation ligaments of the cut and the voltage decreases.

This is precisely what makes after the surgical intervention makes visible the greater part of the members. And, to ensure that in the future the ligaments have not begun to grow together, the patient every day you must bring a special dilatory the device over a period of six months.

The increase in the diameter of a member of

Above, the essence of the operation has been that of other parts of the body, the doctors took fat tissue, added in the trunk of the penis, which made it more wide. However, the consequences were not the best, because the fatty tissue seats got worse and the sexual organ seemed rude.

After which they began to implant the allograft, which is tissue that is transplanted from organisms that are not similar to the body, which is used in different types of reconstructive surgery. Some doctors, for example, brian j. smith. Rosenthal, claim that this implant gives more of the long-lasting effect. However, make sure how to behave, the donor of the fabric after a transplant nobody, not exactly that you can.

Are also possible other types of operations. For example, if a man suffers from obesity, with liposuction, on the basis of sexual of the authority to cleanse the fatty tissue, which makes it visually member.

What conclusion can you draw?

Before going to the table to a surgeon or begin to take medication of dubious (according to manufacturers) are able to increase the cock on several occasions, talk with your partner, you can be the size of your penis is perfect for her and it costs you nothing, in and of itself change.

Remember that the unfounded complexes may be the cause of the development of many diseases. For example, due to its busy state, and the depression may even develop psychogenic erectile dysfunction. In this case, troubleshoot as necessary with the use of medications.

a big penis

Actually increase the size of the penis is possible only with the help of the surgeons. Various tablets, ointments, the exercise and the weight will not bring a positive effect, while some of these methods can even a lot of you hurt. Therefore, before you make those responsible decisions, despite all the "pros" and "cons".