The gels and creams to increase the penis: the ointment to the penis

The problem of penis enlargement has existed in all times. Years more than 10 years to solve it was exclusively the surgical technique, which did not guarantee the absence of side effects in the form of alteration of erectile function and the reduction of the sensitivity of the penis.

gel to increase penis

Can the cream for penis enlargement it is enough?

Traditional medicine strongly walked forward, thanks to the emergence of modern digital devices and technology. This has enabled the specialists in the field of urology and sexology to develop effective and completely safe to increase the sexual organ of the man.

Currently there are over 100 different medications that can not only increase your member, but also to influence the strength of sexual desire and sexual power.

An alternative to the plastic

The gel and the cream to the penis enlargement is one of the easiest alternatives of intervention. In the composition of medicines includes native complexes presented on the basis of extracts of medicinal plants, vitamins and micronutrients. Most of the active components of the funds to increase the penis well tolerated by the body, therefore, you can use the men in almost any age category.

Special lubrication contribute to the expansion of blood vessels in the authority, thanks to which improves the microcirculation of the blood in the groin area. With the flow of the blood in the soft tissue penetrates a large amount of amino acids, trace elements and vitamins, which accelerate the biochemical reactions.

The normalization of restorative processes in the cavernous bodies of the member in men stimulate the formation of new cells. By increasing the amount of them that are modified and the external configuration of the authority – increases its length and diameter. When the elasticity of a bigger penis. it supports the collagen fibers of the synthesis of which is stimulated active components of herbal remedies.

How can you increase the size of the penis with the help of the media outside during the week? Some manufacturers of herbal remedies intimate to the care they assert that the systematic use of creams and gels enables you to increase the length of the penis in the period of 7 days. Immediately it is worth noting that the instantaneous result of the use of the cosmetic products not worth the wait.

According to comments of the buyers who used special cream, and fat, the true change in the configuration of penis were observed in 3 and 4 weeks of regular use of the media. The effectiveness of foreign drugs depends in large measure on the composition and the individual characteristics of the body. Some men say, after you apply the ointment or gel on the length of the authority increased from 3 to 4 cm, others used this medicine, can not boast of the same results.

To make sure you increase the size of the penis, at the time of selection of the tool has to be guided in their biochemical composition and follow the instructions for use of the drug.

The form of issuance of medicines

What medicine is best used to improve the sensitivity of the penis and increase its size? Any tool that leads to a lengthening of the penis, is called a growth stimulant. Publishes specialized intimate of the goods in three ways:

the mechanism of action of
  • the transparent gel of a drug in hydrophilic, which does not contain in itself of animal and vegetable fats; it absorbs quickly into the skin and penetrates into the deeper tissues of the penis;
  • cream opaque medication thick consistency, which may include oils; the more slowly it penetrates into the tissue, however, contributes to a greater exposure to the hydration of the skin; ointment (liniment) – thickness of consistency of a medicine that may contain fats, alloys, hydrocarbons, essential oils, etc

It is evident that increases the super-gel is faster absorbed into the skin, so no longer in the clothes of the waste. And here is the ointment and cream of increase of a member have less power of penetration. Must be used with the extender and special vacuum pumps, which are designed for the stimulation of the circulation of the blood in the sexual organ.

The active components of the

If you really increase the size of the penis with the help of external means? By analogy with pharmacy drugs, intimate gels, and creams contain active ingredients that influence the cellular metabolism, the speed of renewal of cells and the formation of new anatomical structures. As a general rule, creams for penis enlargement include a set of special components that influence the speed of the physiological processes and growth of muscle tissue.

The approximate composition of the cream for the increase of the length and of the sensitivity of the penis looks like this:

  • the extract of grape;
  • the kitchen hood of thistle;
  • the oil of goldenrod;
  • the juice of lichen;
  • allantoin;
  • enzymes;
  • extract gorjanki;
  • maca a peruvian.

These organic oils and extracts affect beneficially on the functioning of the reproductive system and external genitalia. Not too long ago for the production of the intima of the funds were used for special parts, in particular capsaicin. It is the active substance is an alkaloid, therefore, to regulate the use of the cream, often gave place to the irritation and drying alternate of the skin and mucous membranes of the particular channel.

types of gels

You do not want to use the makeshift drug to increase the sensitivity of your member directly before the sexual act, as it may negatively affect the flora of the mucous membranes of the genital organs.

Some men to improve the sensitivity of the glans of the penis and strengthening the erection enjoy of improvised means. You must take into account that regardless made with cream "work" is not as effective as those offered by the pharmaceutical companies. The so-called home remedies, made with their own hands, often cause allergic reactions and cause the development of diseases of the skin – eczema, dermatitis, etc

The mechanism of action of

Do you help the gel to increase the member to improve the quality of the ejaculate (semen)? Some types of intimate advanced tools contain substances that are involved in the synthesis of proteins necessary for the formation of the sex cells male.

How to make a member more without operations?

To get rid of complexes and to really achieve the therapeutic results, that you only want to use a certificate from a cream to increase the penis. Drugs that have certificates of quality, have passed the clinical trials, which has demonstrated its efficacy and safety.

67% of the men who used to receive quality products, able to increase the amount and the length of the penis in a 20-25%.

The form of a gel or ointment increases the size of the penis? The penis can grow only by means of increasing the structural elements of the tissues. The components that contain ointments for penis enlargement have an influence on the physiological processes in the body. In particular, amino acids, proteins and trace elements accelerate the metabolism and the proliferation (thickening) of the cells in the corpora cavernosa and of the muscle fibers. To change the configuration of the penis, growth stimulators, it should be applied daily for 2-4 weeks.


Do you help intimate the tools to prolong the sexual act, and a gel for penis enlargement it is best to buy? Some manufacturers of the intima of the production represented by those medicines which have a special action. In its structure includes substances that affect the strength of sexual desire and erection. Use the cream immediately before the sexual act, so that they extend in 30-60 minutes.

What are the types of medications used to correct the size of your penis? Determining the best drug is available only in the course of individual use. Some tools are designed to increase the volume of the authority, and the second of the sensitivity of the glans of the penis, and the third – the mobility of the sperm.

Gel for the growth of the penis can contain a set of components, which will influence the rates of growth of the muscle tissues, and in the duration of the effect. In this sense, distinguish several types of medications:

  • ointment to enlarge the penis in the long term – the medication is designed for the systematic use along at least 3-4 weeks; is used to elongate the penis in a period of 6 months to several years;
  • ointment to the increase of the penis in a short space of time is a medicine that contains substances that allow the development of the muscle tissue, that acts quickly, however, the effect is maintained over a period of several months;
  • auxiliary cream-gel for penis enlargement – intimate tool is used in combination with drugs in the system of the action, that is to say, a lozenge or a tablet; with the help of the cream can speed up the process of size increase of the authority.

Many of the users of the statement on the use of medications are simply ignored, which subsequently becomes the cause of frustration in the results of the treatment. To really achieve the desired effect, it must act in accordance with the recommendations of the statement. If the manufacturer claims that the tool will help to increase the length of the penis and increase the sexual potency, only with the regular use, and it is used when you have to wait for a positive trend in the increase in penis size is not worth.


The itching, thrush, hives and dryness of the skin – the possible adverse reactions of using intimate of drugs. Even if you have purchased the best and safest gel intimate care, before your application, consult with your doctor. It should be understood that any effective medicine to increase the size of the penis contains active substances, an overdose can be the cause of the appearance of undesirable effects.