How to increase the member methods

The question, of how to enlarge the member more, it refers to one of the most frequent in the network. According to the statics of the data, not all of modern man is satisfied with the size of his dignity. To get rid of the complex and have the ability to bring the girlfriend is more fun, the representatives of the stronger sex they begin to apply the different techniques that offer the possibility of increasing the member in the home.

as to enlarge the member

How can you increase manhood?

Did you know that according to the statistics, 87% of men want to increase their sexual organ, and 90% of women report their partners, who need deeper penetration? As a result of this trend, the representatives of the stronger sex, is forced to complex, dreaming about the great penis, or apply the actions most active of its increase. If, before the declaration of that there is the most effective way to increase the member to be perceived as science-fiction, in our days, this has been really possible. To the question, is it possible to enlarge the member more, yes they claim to millions of men, tested the different practices of experience and have obtained a positive result.

If you are interested in, such as to increase the member of the house, you can take advantage of their recommendations. Find out if you can actually increase the independent member of our next article.

Massage as the most effective way to increase the dignity

The easiest way to increase the member, in the opinion of the doctors and the users is a special massage. You can apply by yourself, in your home, and without prejudice to reproductive function. In addition, in the process of your application, you can give yourself the pleasure, so in any case, doing special exercises to increase the sexual organ, you will not regret it. The major benefits of massage:

1. Safety for men the body – in the case of sudden movements, it will hardly take success of harm;2. The absence of contraindications – you can produce the following manipulation, even if you have diseases related to the cardiovascular system or has been subjected to a surgical intervention;3. The lack of need of financial expenses: this massage is not necessarily to buy the special preparations, and the means for its realization will be in each house;4. The undoubted effectiveness of the technique – according to comments of most of the men who have tried this method of increase of dignity in yourself, that really helps to achieve the desired result.

Millions of men respondents recognized the massage of the most effective way to increase the penis. Stimulates the flow of blood to the penis, which accelerates the growth of your connective tissue. With special exercises, in order to increase the penis, do not affect in any way the ability of the male fertility and on the contrary – contribute to strengthen the health of men.

How to do massage to increase the dignity of man?

Perform presented by the handling, you can, at home, at any time convenient for you. It does not matter when you begin to do exercises that are effective such as before bedtime and before you go to work. If you do not live of themselves, exercise in the bathroom, in secret of all.

Presented massage is conventionally divided into two phases:

1. The training consists in the preparation of improvised means).2. Directly the massage service.Before you increase the member easily with the help of massage, shall develop the following instruments:1. A small cutting of soft tissue;2. The hot water from the tap;3. Soft towel (which is always used).

the increase of penis

As the fabric can use canvas cut, satin or silk. Try to use only natural materials, that will be a pleasure to feel on the skin and does not cause allergies. Also make sure that the cell is clean, otherwise, may cause irritation of the skin.

In addition, for the application of the more simple ways to enlarge the member, pre-wet prepared raw in warm water and well the press. After this, place a good cloth in the sexual organ. The heat stimulates the flow of blood to the dignity and take an effective massage. When you feel that the matter is cool, again soak in warm water. Perform this procedure several times, after which dry the sexual organ, after the start of the massage.

Before you start to increase a member of simple exercises, take a comfortable position, either sitting or standing. Then, hold firmly with the fingers of the head, starting slowly dropping to one side. Take care not to cause himself the pain and, when you feel discomfort, stop the massage minutes five, holding the sexual organ in a state of tension. After this time has elapsed, release the crown and gently massage body genital smooth movements, again stimulating the flow of blood to the same. In addition, repeat the original of the handling of such a simple way to enlarge the penis, by turns, changing the side of the tension of the penis.

After several approaches to the implementation of this exercise, fully grasp the dignity of the palm of the hand, pulling forward and keep well for a few minutes. Then, tighten the a member of 10 times. These manipulations are a simple home remedy as to enlarge the member himself, but that will have to be done with much care, avoiding sudden movements. They are able to damage the optic nerve and cause many drawbacks. The method is really effective, perform all the needed movements, and follow the instructions. The visible result result get after 2.5 months.

The method of visualization is another powerful way to increase the penis

Today it is known and other rapid methods of penis enlargement in the home. For example, in addition to the exercises to quickly increase the member, you can use the method of visualization. Not in vain, after all, the experts hold that our worldly thoughts. We present possessor of a large member, before bedtime, your dignity can actually increase in size by itself. The thoughts cause the special production of the hormone that is responsible for the growth of the male organ, what is more, even without any type of handling and special media.

The map of massage to increase the penis

Another quick way of penis enlargement – point of impact on the sexual organ. Actively apply in asia, and notice a greater efficiency. It is no secret that every part of your body is associated to a point of the feet, palms of the hands and even the ears.

In the opinion of the doctors, even for a member of the nature highlighted in a special point, which allows to increase in a short space of time. Find it is difficult, because for each person it is different, but you can massage different body points, to get the true recovery of a rapid increase in the strength of virile member, good, or, at least, to cure himself of those couple-three of the health problems. In any case, you will not regret it.

The increase of member of the "old fashioned" methods of

penis enlargement methods

Finally, you can use popular ways to enlarge the penis. These methods are based on the tea that are made officers of the pharmaceutical companies to base of special herbs, called to face different kinds of problems and to stimulate the increase of child-bearing age, of the authority. You can also prepare these teas, or infusions, to learn its composition.

So that your member has become more, you can do so from the following herbs:

  • Ginseng;
  • Hawthorn.

These herbs are characterized by their high efficacy and that will help for the purposes that you are aiming for. But, before you increase the member from the old way of using the plant, it is recommended to consult a specialist to determine your individual action for you and also to make sure that they will not cause an allergic reaction or other adverse consequences related to the staff of the intolerance to any of its components.

Hardware methods of penis enlargement

If you don't trust the massage, the plastic, and herbs, you can use another effective way to increase the cock. For example, for these purposes you can use a specific device. It is a device that performs the traction of the penis, which results in the growth of the connective tissues, and begins to grow. This device are uninterrupted for 4-5 hours per day or intermittently, there are two times a day for 2 hours. Every 20 minutes socks extender is necessary to increase the tension of the penis in the half of an inch. In consequence, the regular use of the presented by the device, you can get a visible result after 3 months. But keep in mind that:

1. The use of a stretcher of no more than six months;2. Its application may cause great discomfort;3. Using the device you can not, if you are suffering from cardiovascular disease, thrombophlebitis, neurosises, or have recently had a surgical operation on the penis;4. It is also inadmissible to the use of a device when there is injury in the sexual organ.

In other cases, the use of the extender can, with care during its operation. Remember that effective it will be then, when you gently distribute the load and you're not going to make sudden movements, which can damage your body genital.

Similar same properties they have and other devices for the increase of the penis in men: the vacuum pump or the water pump is also fine to cope with their tasks. To purchase these devices it is easy to affordable prices in the special stores. Use of the same way, as extender, and enjoys a quick result.

Gels to increase the dignity of

If you are interested in, what other way can you enlarge your member, you can use gel. In addition, it is considered a healing medium, and good prevention against these men of problems, such as:

1. Sexual dysfunction;2. The infertility;3. Impotence.

You can even use it just before sexual of the authority, in order to deliver the woman's enjoyment. To do this, just fill in your penis about 5 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Another advantage of Gel is that, in the search of how to increase the member in the simplest way that you can use along with other media, massage, extender, herbs, mental impact and others). For example, many men prefer to apply under the jets special for the enlargement of the penis. Therefore, it is to combine business with pleasure, to please your partner new sensations in sex, as well as to increase the effectiveness of the sexual organ, also after receiving pleasure.

Because, the question, is there any way to enlarge the member, we will respond in the affirmative. Today there are a great number of different methods to stimulate the growth of the penis, which are effective in any age. But keep in mind that after 30 years, this can take much longer than 20, the result, in any case, it is set to always.

a big penis

You can choose the way to enlarge your penis and enjoy received effect, but remember that, in any case, the consultation of a specialist, it would not hurt. Therefore, before performing the manipulation of the above, it is best to consult your doctor to choose the most effective method and protect against the potential adverse effects as a result of an error, you can do each one is a beginner in the improvement of your own penis.