Can you really increase penis: how to

Perhaps there is not on Earth the young men, that are not reflected on the size of your dignity. Shot if I'm medium to large, and if it is possible to increase, etc, All of these questions did almost every man. And in this article we will answer these and other questions.

as to enlarge the member

The size of dignity plays a very important role for men, the size is important, not so much for sex as for the personal ego and self-confidence, I say to you, as the man who was able to increase his gap member!

The average size of the penis

It is noteworthy that the average size of the bit vary according to race and region of residence, contrary to the confusion. Yes, yes, blacks have the same average size, like the white man.

Thus, the average size of penis in erection:

  • Length 15 cm ± 1 cm
  • The circumference of 12 cm ± 1 cm

It's also worth to say that it is very conditional on the number, and it is not worth so strong on them to navigate. According to various studies, the average sizes are very different.

Up to what age grows the penis?

Member grows from birth until the end of puberty. The greatest growth occurs with the onset of puberty. For this reason, it is not possible to fix with precision the frame before the 17, to 18, up to 23 years of age. Thus, young people who begin to mature earlier, the growth member also stops before. So true, and conversely, if puberty, "afternoon", and a member of the will grow more.

It is not recommended to practice the increase of a member, to those, that growth of a member has not ceased. The consequences are unpleasant consequences.

And anyway, if you have the size of a value?

It pays to be honest with him, and it must be acknowledged that size matters. Of greater size with more features in the bed, and is also home to the pride of its owner. However, the importance of the size exaggerated in our time, and it is related in the first place with the development of the porn. People are accustomed to seeing the huge members porn, and began to forget as they see the bodies of normal size.

But we will talk about that in future articles. We now turn to the main question of our article.

Penis enlargement, Myth or Reality?

The answer is YES! Increase the real penis. But immediately point out that this requires seriousness to the matter. It is necessary to thoroughly understand the aspects of the enlargement. And start to study, sleeves rolled up. The increase in a member of an easy task, it takes a lot of strength, perseverance and hard work. But most importantly, you must arm yourself with patience! Because the growth of your penis, as the marathon but not sprint.

You have taken the decision to increase the member, at what cost? So, if you are ready, I will continue.

P. S. You ask: — And this is not dangerous? In this sense there is a good proverb — "With the silly and the penis can break." With the approach to business, and the gradual increase of the load, the increase of a member it is completely safe lesson!

The methods of penis enlargement

I'm sure many of you know about all kinds of creams and pills to increase the penis. I guess that you will not be surprised if I say that this is a hoax, fiction, etc, Although the cream and can serve as an auxiliary by the method of increase, but more on this in the following articles.

In reality, there are 2 methods of penis enlargement:

  1. A surgical operation.
  2. Independent of the increase.

A couple of words about the operating method. I have to say, we ruled out this method, for explicit reasons, such as:

  • High risk of failed operation.
  • A slight increase in size.
  • This requires higher financial expenses.

Now, let's turn to the second option of growing your penis. Independent penis enlargement. And he in turn is divided into 2 sections:

  1. This was a method.
  2. The method with the use of the devices.
the cream for the increase

Both methods give good results with the proper approach. In this article I'm not going to try these methods, it is the goal of future articles.

As there is an increase and at what cost?

To understand how occurs the process of penis enlargement, you must understand how it works the same member. However, I'm not going to go little by little to examine the structure and anatomical characteristics of the member, does not exist at all. Everything you need to know will show in the following image:

In the image of a trunk of a member of the court. We are interested in two main parts and they are:

  1. The tunica of the penis. In the picture, it covers the trunk of the penis. The top layer is made of leather, but we are not interested. Immediately beneath the skin is the envelope (tunic). She is shown as a thick layer of the longitudinal section of a thread. What is this? This is exactly what depends, in the measure that it manages to increase your member. Below I will discuss this in more detail.
  2. Caverns. It is a kind of storage tanks. In the trunk of a member has a couple of caves, and among them to the wall. In the photo on the right shows the cavern empty, and left full. Of course, in the reality of the cavern is not blank and the image is shown for better understanding. During erection, the caverns fill up with blood, in fact this is the principle by which erection occurs.

Now, let's move on to the main. For which we considered the robe and caves? Let's look at a simple example. Let's look at automotive wheel. It is composed of the camera and the tire. Thus, the tunica in the penis performs the function of tires! And here's caverns is a kind of camera on the penis! And to enlarge the member, we first need to stretch "the bus" — the tunica of the penis, then, give life to "the camera" — caves.

Earlier I wrote, that is of your robe depends on what you can to increase your member. The fact is that the holster is a type of connective tissue, in it there is no cells, the tunic is your big protein molecules. And for this reason, by applying a load, we cannot make the cells of the tunic of sharing, for the simple reason that there's not! And the only way to increase the tunica — just stretch, deform, increasing the intermolecular distance.

Some of the men, the tunic is of 1 or 2 layers, and its structure is not so rigid. On the contrary, the other, the tunic has 3 layers, and sometimes more, in conjunction with the rigid structure. If you are a "lucky" possessor of the tunic of the second type, is a penis it will be more difficult, but, in any case, taking due account of the approach and the patience, you are sure to get your gain! Determine if you have a tough tunica is only possible in the process of regular activities of increasing penis.

And to talk about the tunic, it is worth noting that the work of the traction envelope (tunic) is the base of the penis!

A couple of words about the growth of the caverns. Even though the medicine says that the caves cannot be increased, by own experience I will say, stretching the tunica, the "blowing cave is not so difficult, more that the caverns are made up of cells! The penis has no muscles, that is to say, the muscles there, but in small quantity, and if it is by the smooth muscle, that is to say, reduce your and therefore bloating like other muscles of our body can not. And therefore, the word "inflate", I use metaphorical.

The increase of the...

There are a couple of things, by which is produced the enlargement of the penis. So, in order:

  1. The league of the penis. Member fixed to the body of the ligament, which in turn are secured to the pubic bone. In the process of expanding, so also are stretched, which gives us more millimeters of length.
  2. The hidden part of a member. Many of you know, that part of a member is hidden in the body, in the crotch. The internal part of a member, points out, it is not entirely clear, but their contribution in the increase of the length of the tendon.
  3. Spongy body. At the bottom of the penis, all along the trunk passes spongy body. It also serves as an increase, this will give us a small contribution to the circumference of the.
  4. The head of the penis. As all of the above, also actually increase, which will allow even a little to increase the length.

In as possible to increase the penis and which parameters are increased?

In principle, it is necessary to reiterate that it is from the structure of the coat depends on how much you manage to increase the penis.

The increase is provided as the length and girth. A little bit about how to measure the member, so that you may know of the real increase.

The proper measurement of the penis

The length of the. The correct length measure with a ruler (not soft underground). A member in a 100% state of erection located in parallel with the floor above, place the rule before the foundation, without pressing on the vulva, standing exactly not pumping the pelvis. Remember the mark of the rule, which coincides with the end of the head of the penis.

The circumference. To properly measure exactly the circumference and diameter of a member. To do this, about a member, in the state of 100% wrap soft meters (or a strip of paper with markers) in the center of the trunk of the penis. Remember the brand.

In the following articles I'll talk more about the realization of measurements, since you will have to measure several parameters that are necessary for growth.

massage to increase the

Good and at the end of the answer to the question, how much can you increase the member?

To me, a year of classes it was possible to increase the length of 3 cm and the circumference of the 1.5, see Some men could get further gains during the year, some less. A clear answer to this question is no.

In this first article in our web site, dedicated to the enlargement of penis has finished.