Penis enlargement: effective means, methods, drugs.


It's no secret that every man wants to surprise his partner with the size of his own penis. Of course, most "look at things" quite seriously, but no one forbade dreaming. Psychologists, however, hold that in most cases, a man who has not appreciated his "dignity" is their patient. Only 5-7% of Caucasians have real pathologies that affect the normal development and function of the penis. However, let's get back to the size discussion. Men are practical creatures, and if there is a question "how to enlarge the penis", the answer is sought immediately. Modern doctors, pharmacists, and surgeons are working on the problem quite successfully. By the way, this area has provided fertile food (literally great earnings) for charlatans of all kinds.

Therefore, we offer an overview of the forms and methods that give a real idea of ​​the possibilities of modern medicine. Be sure to consider the psychological aspect of the problem, because sometimes penis enlargement is an illusion with which the brain justifies a deeper trauma of a mental nature.

How do I know if a penis enlargement is necessary?

Men cannot properly assess size, mainly due to viewing angle. Looking at your penis and comparing it in a sports locker room to a neighbor's penis is a doomed activity. The best solution is to measure the penis, but even that must be done correctly. First, the average standards for each career are different. Second, the size depends a lot on the genetic characteristics and the physique of the man. Third, many women are not attracted at all to length, but to thickness, which is also necessary to know. You can make an impression on your sexual partner (and yourself) with the following parameters.

In an erect and calm state (that is, several times a day), we measure the penis from the base to the extreme point of the head:

  • If the length of the penis during erection is up to 12 cm, then this is a normal, but small organ;
  • Yes, from 12 to 16 cm, the organ can be called average size;
  • From 16 to 18 cm: the penis is considered large;
  • A member of more than 18 cm: the girls consider it enormous and flee from such splendor (unless they agree for a moment).

Thickness is measured while erect. You need to get three digits:

The man measures the length of the penis.
  • Diameter at the base of the penis, closer to the scrotum;
  • Diameter in the middle of the trunk;
  • Diameter near the head itself;
  • The middle digit (add three numbers and divide by three) is the desired result.

It is possible that the numbers that are within the normal range still do not satisfy the man himself. Then it is better to visit a psychologist. However, the numerical result may be much less than the indicated norm, then it is advisable to visit a urologist or andrologist to establish the real reasons that influenced the underdevelopment of the organ. If a man (with a normal size, but low self-esteem) decides to increase penis size, then he needs to learn all the right ways and possibilities to fulfill his wish.

Penis enlargement without surgery

First, the review of sizing methods will cover popular and advertised products. When asked if it is possible to enlarge the penis with the help of creams, straps and special gymnastics, the experts give a negative answer. However, competent opinion does not stop men, who easily succumb to the persuasions of unscrupulous sellers of drugs and "miracle" devices. Let's list the most popular techniques that seduce half of humanity:

  • Jelqing - an independent massage using a variety of creams and gels;
  • Suspending weights on the penis is a dangerous activity and one of the most traumatic ways to influence length;
  • Penis Enlargement Pills - There are medications that help increase potency or erection, but after intercourse, significant changes in size are unlikely to be noticed.

    Penis enlargement pills are divided into the following groups:

    1. Erection-enhancing inhibitors;
    2. Medications that prolong the time of sexual intercourse;
    3. Premature ejaculation preparations;
    4. Capsules that increase libido.
  • Extender
  • The use of an extender, a device that stretches the penis and causes the corpora cavernosa within the organ to enlarge. Sometimes the doctors themselves prescribe its use, but to correct the curvature of the genital organ. The device as a method of physiotherapy can only help with complex treatments;
  • The most popular penis enlargement tool is a vacuum pump. An elemental device is connected directly to the organ, after which air is pumped out of the device. The pressure causes the corpus cavernosum to fill with blood, thus increasing the size of the penis. Doctors, although they prescribe working with a pump for patients, emphasize that it only helps to improve potency and erection, and then over time. It is not possible to actually increase the length;
  • Sprays, gels, salves and creams are another trick of the nimble salesmen. It is recommended to use all these funds in combination with devices, which means that creams have been created to improve the sales of other products. It is impossible to improve the genetic makeup of the body with external lubricants or lotions.

By the way, some men are concerned with the size not from dignity itself, but only from their part. An increase in the glans penis is also a required metamorphosis. With the help of a cosmetic effect, most men achieve this.

Let's analyze this fact in more detail.

How to enlarge the head

Plastic surgery is quite an expensive way to modify your appearance. Modern men do not lag behind women in wanting to "please" and use the services of cosmetologists as often as the fair sex. With a specific request for a head augmentation, special plastic surgeons will offer to inject hyaluronic acid under the skin:

Big cock man
  • First, this procedure requires only 15 minutes of time;
  • Second, no hospitalization required, just a few days off sexual;
  • Third, due to the gel, the nerve endings inside the head are affected and the padding blocks the acuity of sensations during sex;
  • Fourth, the procedure can be repeated only once every six months, freeing up enough time for the man;
  • Fifth, the injected gel has passed all dermatological tests and will not adversely affect the main functions of the penis. It is advisable, of course, to ensure the professionalism of the doctor who performs the operation, as well as the quality of the hyaluronic acid (according to the certificates that must be shown before the procedure).

The head is the most sensitive area of ​​the penis (in the absence of pathologies), therefore, it is sometimes necessary to adjust the intensity of sensations using the cosmetological and surgical intervention method. Pharmacists also offer a variety of medications and remedies to aid in the single sexual relationship ladder. "Less" of local funds in the short-term impact, and the rest the same amount. Glans penis enlargement is the simplest cosmetic procedure.

Surgical methods to enlarge the penis

In cases where a man is diagnosed with a medical pathology, due to which the penis has not really reached the normal size, surgery may be prescribed. These diseases are genetic in nature or are facilitated by injuries suffered in childhood. Here are some:

  • Kallman's syndrome;
  • Cryptorchidism;
  • Klinefelter syndrome;
  • Genetic mutation of a penis into a micropenis;
  • Peyronie's disease;
  • Cavernous fibrosis.

If a man is financially secure, he can pay for the operation himself and the surgeon will solve his problem in an hour and a half.