How to enlarge a male member at home

how to enlarge a member without surgery

Those with a standard penis are not always happy with their dignity. By wanting to add a precious few inches, we are ready to experience many options for ourselves, such as increasing male dignity at home, using surgery and other techniques. Whichever way a man wears, the main thing is that he gains self-confidence and is ready to conquer new heights.

Natural data

There is a difference of opinion as to which term is the norm. The size of the penis is considered deviation in a state of erection of less than 8 cm. Only a man can decide if the penis is of sufficient size or not, based on his own preferences and the wishes of the sexual partner. The degree of pleasure during intercourse does not depend on the length and diameter of the penis, therefore it is incorrect to believe that a woman needs a large penis to achieve orgasm. If you want to know how you can increase male dignity, it helps to familiarize yourself with the information that statistics tell.

The enlargement of the genital organ is possible with patience, desire and regular exercise, if we are not talking about surgery.

Before making a decision, a man should measure his penis and compare it with the standards adopted by Europeans:

  • Length: 12-16 cm;
  • Diameter 3-4 cm.

An erect penis that meets the standards does not need to be enlarged. The problem is caused by internal complexes, self-doubt, it does not have a physiological character, it is solved by contacting a specialist in the field of psychology.

There are several ways to enlarge the penis at home, the combination of which will give a better and faster result. For example, the combination of cosmetics with massages, pumps with various devices.

Useful exercises

The ancient sages have developed a set of activities to promote the growth of the genital organ. The technique was used by residents of countries such as India, Greece, Egypt. The African peoples also used ancient knowledge, documentary evidence of this was found.

Special exercises is a special massage, similar in technique to milking cattle.

Men achieve amazing results when they do the right thing. You can learn the method using video tutorials, and do not forget to buy an ointment, gel to facilitate gliding during the procedure. The common basis for most penis enlargement massage techniques is to prepare the penis. The state of the penis in aroused state should not exceed 70%.

A fully erect penis will not allow massage, unpleasant and painful sensations will appear, discomfort.

Manual action on the organ leads to a rush of blood, with a maximum erection, the volume will increase considerably, which will cause pain. Incomplete filling of the penis with blood allows the blood cells to gradually infuse, stretching the corpora cavernosa that make up the penis. Regular exercise will provide a greater blood capacity with subsequent erection, which will contribute to an increase in the size of the organs. The first changes are noticeable after a couple of months of constant training.

Massage to enlarge the penis

A popular method used at home, does not require financial investment and is effective. Penis massage is done using creams or ointments, special gels that increase the volume and length of the penis. Massage lengthens the genital organ, makes it thicker, improves erection, its duration, increases sexual desire.

A man's penis requires delicate approach and handling. Precision and reverent attitude towards all tissues of the organ is the key to proper massage and the absence of injuries.

methods to increase the penis at home

Before starting the massage, the penis is warmed with a warm towel or bathed.

The reproductive system will improve performance due to blood flow to the pelvic area and penis. The skin, the corpora cavernosa are easier to stretch.

Massage actions are applied to an excited organ or when it is in a state of absolute rest.

Having tried different methods, it will be easier for a man to decide which one is the most suitable and effective.

Stretching with weights

Hanging heavy objects from the penis is another ancient penis enlargement technique. It is considered one of the traumatic techniques that can injure the scrotum and penis. The disadvantage of this method is that thanks to it, the penis lengthens, but its width remains the same. How much is difficult to say, since the increase in duration depends on the time of the classes, the regularity.

Before starting to stretch, the organ is warmed up, as in massage procedures. In order not to rub the skin, a piece of adhesive plaster is glued to the head, on which a lace ring is placed, and a weight is placed on the other side. Start out light and at the first sign of numbness, the procedure stops. The weight and duration of the session increase gradually, if there is no discomfort.


The device is assigned to give the genitals the desired shape, lengthen, thicken the penis. Tissues begin to grow faster under the action of stretching. The device has a long-term effect, the result obtained remains for a long period or forever. Classes are held for several hours every day.

Vacuum pump

vacuum pump for penis enlargement

The unit works like a pump. The use of a pump increases sexual desire, enlarges the penis and improves potency. If there is a lack of density, elasticity of the organ, a man can use a pump to achieve a long-term full erection.

The pump is combined with creams and other intimate means intended to increase the penis. The penis is immersed in a flask, air is pumped, pressure appears, blood flow increases, and the base of the organ expands - the corpus cavernosum.

The disadvantage of the method lies in the temporary effect, so it is advisable to use the device immediately before intercourse.


A simple and quick option to enlarge the penis is the use of special accessories. The tool lengthens the organ, adds strength, thickness, improves erection.

Divided into two groups:

  • Private;
  • Open.

Closed, made of latex or silicone, it is considered more comfortable, it will create a feeling of comfort, softness, security and imperceptible. The second option, open, is also popular. Both can increase the length of the organ up to 10 cm, but according to statistics, men acquire accessories of 3-6 cm. Thanks to the device, the penis becomes less sensitive, which increases the duration of erection and sexual intercourse.


Sprays, creams, ointments and gels have received both positive and negative reviews. Commercials and advertisements claim that the reproductive organ will instantly increase by several centimeters. As the data shows, the funds do not have a strong effect, they are used as a supplement to more effective methods. Cosmetics add sexual attraction, increase erection, increase penis for a couple of hours, but no more.


It is known that a person went under a surgeon's scalpel to enlarge the penis. It is unknown whether or not the young man needed an operation, how many centimeters he added, but one thing is clear: he feels more confident, he has become cheerful and cheerful.

The average size by which the penis is enlarged by surgery is 3 to 5 cm.

surgery to enlarge the penis

A man is shown a video of a similar operation, which does not seem aesthetically pleasing and is having a painful rehab period. The man assesses the situation, often with unlikely problems, and changes his decision.

Indications for surgical intervention:

  • Congenital abnormalities (hypospadias, epispadias). Mechanical damage;
  • Micro penis. The size of the organ that does not allow sex. It appears due to endocrine changes in the child's body, when it develops and grows. Operations in the presence of the syndrome are unavoidable;
  • Age-related changes. A gradual degeneration of the penis tissues, caused by a decrease in elasticity, obesity, etc.

A genital organ without pathology that simply does not fit the "standard size" should not be operated on.

Aesthetic deficiencies are eliminated from the psychological point of view, together with a specialist and a loving woman. Normal operation, the possibility of reproducing a small organ is not a reason for surgery.