As to enlarge the member

as to enlarge the member

The increase of a member – for the men it is a painful question, because not everyone believes big enough, fat and so on. As to increase the members – we will see this later. Ointments and creams, exercises and surgery method much, and what it depends on only you.

Can you enlarge penis

And how you can enlarge the member – the doctors say that yes! If you talk about what you want and how it is produced, the procedure of penis enlargement – it's worth getting the anatomy. The member of the men consists of the cavernous body and the main task – to destroy her, causing the subsequent restore, and the deposition of new mass in a larger size.

As to enlarge the member, free of charge or payment is for you to decide. But if we decide to do this at home, with their own forces, it is important to take into account a number of factors that will help you to get positive results.

  1. Passes of a training or handling in the morning or at night, increasing the load progressively.
  2. The body genital and accessories, through which increases – must be clean-ideally disinfected.
  3. Optimally in the process of "work" to apply the lubricant, but before that, it's worth warming the body, for example, visit the sauna or hot shower.

And what is most important – not the pain, and if ye have felt it, it's worth the stop manipulation.

Penis enlargement methods

penis enlargement methods

Penis enlargement at home or in the clinic – is now a reality, and then consider that worth doing and how.

The increase of members in the household

And as to increase the members of the house? You can use the following.

  • Exercises. Start with 20 exercises, gradually increasing up to 200. For example, you can move on the basis of sex to the authority from the top down, as if the pulling of your next compress the palm of the hand near the base, having as 8 to 10 sec., another manipulation. What to choose – online or in the literature you can find a lot of exercises. And as is shown by the clients in the network – per month, can reach 1.5 -2 cm in length.
  • Jelqing – african methodology of penis enlargement, and it consists in the commission of acts that remind you of the milking. But remember that you do in the penis only in a state of excitation, thus increases the blood flow and the organ gradually increases in size.
  • The massage is also a perfect home method to make the penis thicker and longer at the expense of an increase in the flow of blood to the sexual organ. Important to carry out masturbate with a full and deep capture.
  • And as increase sexual to men – through to hang the load. The methodology of penis enlargement is based on stretching of the latter, at the expense of the suspended mass of the load. In the beginning of his heat with massage, and after hanging up the load. Before you head worth putting a leash with the help of band-aid forward hanging of the plumb line. Let's first load in 5 minutes, gradually increasing the time and weight.

And what is there, to increase the member? The most useful of the products is:

  1. Fermented that contains potassium and phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium – cottage cheese and curd, kefir.
  2. Nuts, such as walnuts or almonds or hazelnuts – that will positively impact on the functioning of the nervous system, improving blood flow.
  3. The vegetables and fruits, vegetables, preferably of the locality in which it resides, for the season. But the most useful is you can call the garlic and the onion, figs, both fresh and dried, parsley.
  4. And if you can enlarge the penis, through the consumption of certain foods? Yes, if you have to enter it in the diet foods rich in proteins and omega fatty acids-acid – meat and fish, shellfish.

But the question that an increase of a member-a myth or a reality, even in this case, it is worth acute. If the results of penis enlargement are not satisfied with the data methods that we have to resort to other techniques.

The surgical technique of

As increasing the members of the radical turn to a type of surgical intervention. Is performed surgical intervention in the hospital and allows in short terms significantly add to the size of the penis. To enlarge the penis in this case, is applied more often one of two methods:

  • In the first case, to the magnifying of the pénis apply to attack – at the bottom of the base make the incision of the ligament, compatible with body genital. Finally, he grabs it and looks longer.
  • In the second case, increase the sexual organ by transplantation of own fat. This will make it an order of magnitude larger and thicker.

Similar practices, does not apply to the implant, does not suffer, so to speak, the main male organ – the penis and its increase reaches 4 cm

Vacuum of the water pump

As enlarge your penis – use of the pump, the operating principle of which is based on the action of the authority of low pressure. And, as a result, it intensifies the flow of blood, aid to increase the penis bigger in girth than the length.


To enlarge penis can be through a device – extender, selecting one of their classes. It is the belt, the vacuum, or with hinges they may vary depending on the method of application, the porte, but the principle of operation is the same.

Consists of 2 parts: one is placed at the base of the member, and another of the head, and between them there is a rod, whose length can be adjusted. Because to enlarge your penis, simply pull the crown and so "and added" a couple of centimeters. Take several hours a day may cause discomfort, but by 2-3 weeks, can significantly increase the body genital.

Medications and ointments

And you can still increase the size of your penis? Resorting to the help of pharmacology, ointments and gels, medications. The action of a drug of this group is based on the strengthening of the hemorrhage and the tide of blood to the penis, filling the cavernous body. This will stimulate growth, strengthen the erection and the duration of the sexual relationship.

The main thing to remember is that to obtain a visible result that are worth taking BAD at least 3-4 months. The most simple and popular supplements in the beginning are those that contain vitamin E and b3, hawthorn, and tincture of ginseng root, Ginkgo Biloba, and other compositions that provide a stimulant effect. The only exception there is intolerance of an individual product.

Also in response to a question on how to increase the member – you can apply to all kinds of gels and sprays, ointment. Help to increase not only in length and thickness of the penis, but to make the orgasm more and more and more long.

Important! What drug to choose? In this case, it pays to negotiate your choice with the doctor, taking into account the characteristics of the body male problems.

How many inches you can enlarge the member

On average, the size of the male of childbearing age, the authority vary in length from 11 and up to 17 see, in a state of erection. Such indicators are considered in andrology and medicine in the standard, but the dimensions do not always agree to men. But if you apply at home certain exercises, massage or mechanical devices, on average, increase the body genital before of 3 – 3.5 see Though if we speak of immediate intervention – can increase, in average, to 5, Despite of its length in erection is the that can and cannot affect. The truth, if it is not to talk about the application of the implant.