As to enlarge the male penis

For each one of the men, from adolescence onwards, his sexual organ is the most intimate of your body. The attitude towards the penis always the most severe, and any comic phrase in the direction of the dignity of man is perceived as an insult to mortal. Therefore, the question about the size of the member is particularly relevant for the representatives of the stronger sex, because that is rarely what man does not want to do it more. There is a huge variety of techniques, such as enlarging the penis, however, not all are effective, and some are a danger to the health of men.

Exercises for penis enlargement

One of the most popular ways that you can called exercises for penis enlargement. These exercises are a great multitude, and each man can choose the most suitable to take on the complexity and duration of the technical implementation. Special exercises to increase the penis refer to techniques of how to enlarge penis at home, which makes this option is very convenient for men.

Before proceeding to the execution of the exercises, special preparation is needed:

  • Select a place where no one to disturb or distract you. Performing exercises to lengthen the penis require concentration;
  • Dip a soft cloth in warm water, press and covered in a member for three minutes;
  • For better effect, repeat the procedure 2 or 3 times.

Exercises to enlarge the penis spends its stretch and increase of the erection. Estirosopladoras of the technique are performed in a relaxed and erection of the penis. Each man may choose for him methodology on internet or in the specialized literature. The success of this method is the regularity. On the negative side, it can be attributed to the duration of this method of penis enlargement and the need for regular find free time for their execution.


The following method, and how to increase the penis is a massage. Effect is due to the improvement of the microcirculation of the blood in the tissues dignity of man:

  • Massage, like exercise, refers to the techniques of how to enlarge penis at home and, therefore, is available to the public;
  • You do not need additional accessories;
  • If you clear follow the instructions on how to enlarge the member with the massage, it excludes the risk of side effects;
  • In addition of enlargement of penis in men increases the sexual stamina, improvement of the power;
  • A great selection of methodologies to collect the most effective way for every one of the men;
  • For better result, you can combine the massage and the cream for the increase of the penis;

The main disadvantage of this method is the high cost of time for its execution.

Creams and ointments

A very popular way to increase the size of manhood in the last time has turned into a cream for the penis enlargement. A wide range of these tools offers the possibility to choose from to suit all tastes and budgets. The increase of the penis occurs at the expense of the influence of the active components of the cream in your fabric. Mechanism of action are classified:

  1. Cream for enlarge penis of short-acting. The effect lasts for several hours. Apply better to a little before the sexual intercourse. The best option, as the rapidly increasing member;
  2. Cream long-lasting. The effect occurs after some time, after a regular use. The producers promise a long-term increase in length and volume of the penis;
  3. A tool to increase the penis. This cream is used in combination with exercise, massage or other methods of penis enlargement. Independent of the application of this cream is ineffective;

Before you apply any cream or ointment to the increase of the penis, be sure to read the instructions. Itching or redness of the skin on the penis may be the manifestation of the allergy. In this case, it is better to renounce to the use of this tool. The main drawback of this method, such as increasing the size of the penis, is the high cost. The quality of the cream or ointment in the sex-warranty are expensive, and the use of cheap products is not only unhelpful, but dangerous to the health.

Vacuum of the water pump

The increase of the penis with the help of the vacuum pump is quite widespread in the present day. This device is also used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and impotence. Vacuum pump penis enlargement is an oval with a plastic cylinder with pump air injection. The increase of the penis occurs in the following way:

  • First in the sexual organ put auxiliary of the cream;
  • The member is placed in the cylinder and pumping the air with the help of a pump. A pressure control integrated pressure gauge;
  • Under the pressure of the air dilates the cavity of the cavernous bodies, and creates an extra flow of blood, as a consequence, increases the length and volume of the penis;

The disadvantage of this method of penis enlargement is to your short time. The procedure must be carried out immediately before the sexual act.

The use of an extender

Another tool for the penis enlargement is the use of extenders. The mechanism of their effects is the resistance of the tissues to a certain weight. The weight can range between 400 and 1100 grams. The increase in the volume and length that occurs as a compensatory reaction of the organism to the exposure of weight. The penis extenders are long-term, the methods, their effect is prolonged in time. With the help of these accessories you can also solve the problem of the curvature of the penis. However, to achieve a positive result, you must apply extensor regularly and for quite some time. Of device configuration are:

  • Extenders belt;
  • The extensors of loop type;
  • Universal extender;

The incorrect application of an extender to the penis can cause injuries to the skin of the foreskin.

The operation

The most effective way to, as actually to increase the member – operative. Not all men can be difficult to overcome your fear of doctors, however, the determination of the surgery of lengthening of a member you can get a good result. All operational engagements are divided in three groups:

  • The surgery of increase of the length of the penis;
  • The surgery of increase of volume;

The operation of increasing the length of the penis is performed through an incision ligamentous apparatus of the penis. To this, the surgeon uses And in the form of or of the vertical section. In this way the penis of men you can add about 4 cm. After the operation of a member at the time of the erection is going to take more of a horizontal position. Also after surgery it may be necessary to use an extender.

The increase in the thickness of the member through surgery, is extended. Of fat from the patient (most of the femoral area) subcutaneously injected into the penis. Also apply to the allotransplantata. The choice of the methodology in most of the cases depends on the financial capacity of men, as well as the presence or absence of medical contraindications.

For clarity you can see the video of the operation of increase of members on the web.

Before applying any of the methods of penis enlargement, make sure that it is very effective and is not dangerous to your health.

The normal sizes of

the normal sizes of a member of
  • In idle state, the penis is of 5-10 cm, in the excitation of 14 to 16. The circumference or diameter of about 3 or 4 inches.
  • These values are optimal because they correspond with the depth and volume of the vagina.
  • If the amount of your dignity varies within these limits, the problem is most likely exaggerated, have a psychological and not a physiological nature.
  • The deviation of the standard considered the penis length of less than eight inches in a state of erection in the adult. Are normal size penis or not, that depends on your aesthetic preferences, queries, sexual of the couple.
  • The value of a member does not affect the degree of satisfaction of the woman in the moment of the proximity. Of the opinion that only the large size can meet – the myth.

The truth and mythology

  1. The main confusion – the value of the fertile area of the authority affects "the brutality". It is also incorrect to claim that, having large dimensions, the man automatically becomes a lover in. The rhythm, the attention and skill are the main attributes of the male.
  2. Depending on the size of the phallus of the ears, feet and nose are not going to consider. Such theories are not worthy. These parts of the body are formed under the influence of the different factors, therefore, the interaction between excluded.
  3. A large amount of weight does not affect the size, this is also a myth. Just under a layer of fat on the lower part of the abdomen visually to lose inches. The pounds that act negatively on the possibility of the sexual act – the emergence of the desire, erection, and this unfortunately where substantial.

In spabest fertility length affects a little less than nothing. Proof of this is the overpopulation in china.

  • What really affects the dimensions: the heritage, the race, the harmonious development in adolescence.
  • The concept of standard is very broad: what is the norm for a chinese or Korean, for the men of the pathology is, and vice versa.

The measurement of the

It is a long process, the result here – the sum of several factors:

  1. Measure it is necessary to erect member.
  2. Cm tape is stuck to the root of the trunk back up to the top of the head.
  3. The three lengths put, it shows the average.
  4. The thickness is measured at three locations: the root, in the middle, the neck of the uterus.
  5. In a similar way to the length you calculated the average.
  6. Measurement spend three times: in the morning/ afternoon/ evening. The magnitude of the penis variable. It depends on the temperature of the body and the environment, the degree of arousal, the psychological state and many others.

If the decision is irrevocable, you are determined to increase the member in the home, we will pass to consideration of methods of incorporation of the volumes of the authority.

the increase of member of the

A couple of them:

  • jelqing;
  • the complex of kegel;
  • augmentation surgery;
  • the effect of a massage;
  • the suspension of the goods ;
  • the reception of medications.
  • extender;
  • the vacuum pump;
  • the gel, spray, ointment, cream;
  • the nozzle.

The result will bring the effect integrated several methods. There is No ğsemántica penis enlargement instantly. The main thing here is the perseverance, regularity, then the effort will bear fruit.

How to increase the member of the house?

The increase of the penis in the home many people are skeptical. Not all the methods work, as yet but promises the advertising. The main task – to select the method that is not a waste of time and money.

The Complex Kegel

These exercises are useful for all the bottom of the pelvis: prevents the man of the pathology is, improve the sexual life, reinforce, and increase a little cock. Trains pubic-coccygeus muscle (lmb).

How to find it: at the time of urination, try to stop the stream, you will feel the tension in the bottom. Remember, a tight muscle is the lmb.

How to make:

  • to stretch the muscle during the day 20 times in three seconds, and then relax. Gradually increase up to 50 times.
  • when you learn to compress the lmb separately from other muscles, increase the time compression of up to 10 seconds, with a rest in 4 seconds. Start with 20 times a day, carrying 50-70.

Checking the status of the lmb: move the sergiovanni member or have him jump. When you will be able to do this without a strong tension, means that you are sufficiently trained by the muscle.

Maintain this state, no shooting exercises. For the maintenance of a tone hang in the erect phallus towel and hold it for a while.


jelqing for penis enlargement

The technique of Jelqingy by the complex massage movements is called "milking". Manual impact the jelqing consulted, gives good results. The phallus does not have to be in a state of arousal. The erection of not more than 60% to 75% of the total force.

Exercise 1

  • Before previous begin the "milking" erectile tissues you want to heat. This will increase its elasticity. The easiest way: heat the salt or grain in a frying pan, pour in a bag (can be a sock), attach it to your dignity, with all the parts of your heating.
  • After you reach the incomplete erection, use a lubricant. At the base of the wrap the trunk of the fingers, making a ring.
  • Very slowly move the ring to the head, as if that strip. Touching the head is not necessary.
  • We started with 40 protjagivanija, gradually increasing their number until a total of two hundred.

Exercise 2

  • In this exercise penis enlargement penis press with the whole palm of the hand. Wrap trunk, squeezing his minimum of 10 seconds. If it goes beyond the palm of the hand, can be connected to the process of the second.
  • When the compression of alternately throwing to the left, right, bottom, top (order is not important). The compression should be strong, but without pain, no damage to the soft tissues.
  • Customers promise to elongation in 2 cm per month.


In addition to the growth of the length, the volume increase of the member, in addition to massage – a positive impact on sexual potency.

What is more important – the correct execution of the technique. Respect the recommendations and prevents injury, contributes to a greater success.

  • Before the massage, you must warm up your sexual organ.
  • A small towel, wet in warm water, they wrap the penis.
  • Ğsemántica a few minutes, and repeat the procedure two more times. The effect will increase dramatically after this type of pack. It will strengthen the blood flow, the skin is the best stretch.

There are several forms of massage. Some stimulate erect organ, others relaxed.

It is necessary to stop in one, the technology and meet in a systematic way.

The suspension of goods

The increase of the penis hang of it goods – traumatic method. Its essence in the influence of the weight on the ligaments, and erectile tissues. This leads to the expansion of the vehicle, an increase of member length. The thickness does not change.

  • Before the procedure body genital heat up a massage.
  • Then, before the head is fixed to the tape, that secures the cord.
  • Suspends the small load (there is a video with this design).
  • The first sessions should last a quarter of an hour. The weight of the load, the procedure time little by little increase.
  • The head of the penis should not be numb. If this happens, reduce the load.


Extender stretched the phallus, therefore, the fabric, to get rid of uncomfortable tension begins to grow. The device gives a result in the long term, the increase in size as they are. Extender it is necessary to use several hours each day.

It is the empty loop, of the waist. Turned are cheaper, but they are not as useful as empty or with a waist belt.

Water pump

Superficially resembles that of the pump. It is used to increase the size and improve the power. Is able to help, if it is erect organ may not obtain the natural elasticity. The pump creates a vacuum, stimulating blood flow, improving erection.

As you apply the vacuum of the water pump?

  1. Before you use the member should be treated with the cream and enter into the cylinder, which is equipped with the device.
  2. For the discharge of vacuum, the air cylinder pulls, the authority is under pressure.
  3. By intensifying the blood flow, the water pump increases the volume and the value of the penis (on the internet you can find the video of process). The pressure within vacuum adjustable built-in pressure gauge.
  4. The elongation, which helps to get the water pump, it has a temporary character, therefore, apply their best just before they have sex. Many of the men who use it, as well as an increase in the size of the most the effect of the reception of the erection.
  5. Sell water pump at pharmacies or grocery stores close to them.

The gel, spray, ointment, cream

In the form in which the drug or were fired (cream, spray), its action is of 3 types:

  1. Short-term (in the intimate moment of the act);
  2. Long-term (focus on the long-term outcome);
  3. Accessories: the effect is to use stronger medications.

The cream or ointment to the short term action easy to deal with the task. Enough parisian with add in your composition, strong, warm component, able to call the flow of blood to the dignity of man. Will result in a temporary increase of the head of the penis and of itself. Ointment or gel does not can never be without the help of a massage or an extender to ensure the tangible results for a long time. To choose a long lasting product, I don't think that the good reception given under the description of the tool, photos and videos from the series "before and after". If we talk about accessories of the impact of these drugs – what is necessary.


With the help of vitamins to enlarge penis is unlikely, but strengthen potency, improve erection can.

  • askorbinata acid (With). Triggers the production of testosterone, improves the circulation of blood of the corpora cavernosa;
  • vitamin B is kept at a good level of sexual potency;
  • the vitamin D participates in the synthesis of testosterone, which stimulates sexual desire;
  • Vitamin E improves the blood circulation of the penis;
  • Zinc and selenium, have a direct influence on sexual potency. Improve the work of all the male reproductive system.


  • Some men think: if the hormone influences the formation of the genitals during puberty, it is enough in paris, drinking its pure form and the growth will begin again. It is not at all as well.
  • In addition, hormonal medications are dangerous to the health. Drink only indications can bring a lot of unpleasant side effects.

Dear men, in the development of the intima of the authority affects only the testosterone produced by the body during the puberty. Adults synthetic gormonoterapii medicines drink useless and dangerous.

Diet and lifestyle

Many do not know or do not want to know, how does it affect your intimate of the device of the men of style of life and eating behaviour.

Fatty rich food, a seat on the couch watching tv, a bottle of beer for the night and two hundred grams of cognac weekends – here is the recipe for the tool as quickly getting to be impotent"

Any size here does not work. The power, it is necessary to maintain, stimulate an erection. To do this, your body has to train and eat healthy products.

  • Gymnastics kegel during the day will not stagnate intimate mysam and blood.
  • It turns out that at the time of smoking of the vessels of the penis spazmiruyutsya and it is reduced to a few millimeters.
  • Slow erection, lack of desire to frequent for satellites of hangover syndrome.
  • The extra pounds visually conceal centimeters, and take advantage of them is not given by the womb.
  • The morning of load, which includes exercises to keep the power, you will help to keep the sport, active sexual function.

Useful products

  • seafood, fish;
  • contain protein: meat, eggs, milk;
  • olive oil or sesame oil, vegetable oil;
  • nuts;
  • fruits, vegetables, and legumes;
  • ginger in any form.

The operation

the operation of increase of a member of the

Not all men dare to enlarge the penis surgically. All the methods mentioned above are lower than of the operation, however, the price of a procedure makes it inaccessible to many. In the surgery, mainly, of two types:

  1. The addition of length.
  2. The thickening.

Through surgery you can increase the dick until the 4 see the Operation done under local anesthesia in the clinic.

Nozzle for penis enlargement

  • The hood you can add to your dignity in length, the thickness, strengthen erections. There are open or closed. To enlarge select the closed nature of the cover.
  • The material of which it is made, it should be elastic, soft. Silicone or latex for the best, as well as by the sensations that are reminiscent of the skin.
  • The accessory extends the dignity of up to 10 see the Lovers of the length of a bit, mainly, a popular extension of 3-6, see Able to prolong the sexual act by reducing the sensitivity of the head.
  • To surprise your partner in bed, the nozzle is an excellent choice (if that method interests you, on the web there is a video of the application of the reviews).

Women think

Women think of the amount of a member, probably, only in one case: an intimate act did not deliver any of the feelings or brought back the pain and discomfort. The second result is too large, the dignity, in the first case, often, it is not the size of the authority plays a role, and the inability of his master. Therefore, instead of trying to increase the length or the width, try to know more about the female. Try different poses, learn the sexual techniques, in general, to improve, and the ladies will think only about you.

What the doctors say

  1. Of all the techniques of increase the doctors recognize the effect of the vacuum pump. Kegel exercises can also bring a tangible effect, but not the elongation and the health.
  2. , Andrólogos, the sexologist you look at the problem of magnitude from the point of view of the solution of the pathology is. Microphone, strain, what you want to try. The rest of the complex and the imposed popcultural false perception of sexuality.

A healthy man, with a good impotence, and erection – here is the design.