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the increase of penis

Each year in the world is more than 11 thousand surgeries to increase the penis size, and their number grows constantly. The own surgical procedure lasts no more than half an hour, and already after three weeks, the man may begin to have an active sex life. A large part of the operations is held in thailand and the world, the head of the plastic surgery. In this text, is the story of how operation occurs on penis enlargement

Plastic surgery in the world is largely psychotherapy, that the solution of these issues. So it is in the case of the operations of penis enlargement. Many men believe that their penis is less than what it should be, while medical insurance: the majority of the underestimates its size. Why is this happening? Paradoxically, the idea that the penis is too small, often formed in childhood, when governed by the comparison with his father or an older brother can be natural daunting.

It is considered that men often have the false idea about the size of their own genitals, because the wrong measure or evaluate. Penis may seem shorter, if you look from above. To estimate adequately the size, the better to undress in front of the mirror, in which you can see your reflection in full growth. According to the study, the participation to the respondents more than 15 thousand people, the average size of an erect penis is about 13 inches. The limits of the average dimensions ranging between 11 and 18 inches. The doctors diagnosed her with a small penis, if its size is less than eight inches in erection.

As a patient, decides on the operation?

Large enough variety of issues can push man into the operation: the bad sexual experience, the interior of the persuasion, the incorrect information from open sources on the internet. Plastic surgeon, doctor of medical sciences, professor of the chair of plastic surgery hiroshimasized:

"Now the era of internet: the people you see in the pictures, not very deepen, from which they have emerged, and the extent that they correspond with the reality. It is very likely that the images of the internet, people are flocking to surgeons, showing that they want to "exactly as shown here".

Yet imagine if you continually spam the sending of "pathways of erection and other one hundred fantastic methods of penis enlargement". Here even normal of a healthy person begin to think: can, with him is something that he is not, if you are constantly arriving at the letter "you must do this!" Often I'm reminded of the movie "the Man from the boulevard of the capuchins", when the follow-up of a culture totally changes the behavior of the people. First launched hector, drink the milk and behave as gentlemen. Then, seeing other movies that they begin to give an absence of laws, binge drinking and the shooting. And here the same thing: the society affects people, and specific people, movies, cultural patterns generate any idea.

In general, patients men who want to increase the penis, are no different than other plastic surgery patients — for example, of women who want to correct the size or shape of the breast or do intimate a facial surgery, to correct the shape of the ears or nose".

What you can do without surgery?

There are a variety of procedures and tools that, as they claim, the manufacturers are able to increase the length and diameter of the penis: lotions, Badi, exercises, vacuum pumps, injection of polymer gel. But most of these tools have not proven their effectiveness, in addition, the use of some of them actually can damage the penis. If you find that you need additional funds, it is best to consult a medical specialist: urologist, an andrologist or a plastic surgeon, is to analyze if it is worth to apply one or other method.

There are pills and lotions. Usually, it contains vitamins, minerals, herbs and hormone medications. However, studies confirm that, although some of this work, do not.

There are vacuum pumps, which are typically used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. You are able to only at the time of visually expand the size, but too often or for long use can cause damage to the tissues and worsen the quality of erection.

There are exercises that have been formed over the centuries, some of the peoples: the method jelka apply with 9 to 11 years of age between the children. Simple movements: the hand is necessary to make the movements of the base of the penis to the head, containing the ejaculation. It sounds very strong, but in reality it can cause pain, lead to scarring and to change the shape of the sexual organs.

There are still shots, but here the risks are very high, and the effectiveness is questionable. The introduction of polymers, polyacrylamide gels underneath the skin of the penis can lead almost to the disability, warn doctors. The polymer is not maintained — by the force of gravity, due to the physical stresses gel migrates, it often causes inflammation, it will result in the infection and so on until the tissue necrosis, partial or total loss of the penis.

There is a way of penis enlargement using lipofilling, when, through punctures under the skin, is introduced into the adipose tissue. However, the effect is only visible immediately after the procedure, after the fat is reabsorbed (and often unevenly), which turns in the seal and inequality. The consequences of the correct already in the operating room.

There is only one non-surgical method of penis enlargement, which showed his efficiency, long use of an extender. Are the two of the bar adjustable in the length are set between the head and the base of the penis. The bar should very gradually, little by little, pushing, stretching the penis — it is something like an apparatus of Ilizarov, only without radios. Extender has to take a long time, the result of carrying will be the increase of the length of the penis by a few centimeters.

If you have the size of a value?

From the point of view of the physiology — no. But sex is not a manual of settlement of the two partners, is the whole complex of human suffering. There plays the role and the self-confidence, and the desire to make your partner happy, and sexual habits, and much more.

"The matter is in the fact that the variation in the "norm" is large enough. 11 or 18-inches — however, the big difference," says the plastic surgeon. — Size matters in the sense that it very much depends on the couple, their adaptation of the sexual experience. And not just any size of penis was the previous man of your companion, but also in their reactions and expectations. In women with receptors can be concentrated in different parts of the genital organs: in the area of the clitoris, the vagina of its front surface or at some place near the cervix. The diameter of the penis does matter, if the receptors are concentrated near the entrance or by the walls of the vagina, length — if the neck of the uterus. And this means that the ability of men, the position, the understanding between the partners is just as important as the size. There is a penis, with which you can satisfy any woman".

How is the operation?

"Typically, the man comes and says: "Doctor, I wish I was big". Here we go, the detail of what we discussed, necessarily speak of the needs. It happens that reflect on the operation due to the impossibility of implementing their dreams or sexual fantasies: for example, having sexual relations with a woman outstanding of the forms", — says the doctor.

It is very important, and as with other plastic operations to properly evaluate if the surgical intervention to the achievement of a particular goal. Each doctor will try to avoid surgery, if you see that the patient's expectations do not conform to the real possibilities of surgery or medical intervention will be ineffective, considered to be the specialist.

Through the operation you can increase both the length and diameter of the penis.

With a length of more easy. This operation scientist is called ligaments, and this means dissecting the suspensory ligaments of the penis.

"Today ligaments main operation, that we offer to lengthen the penis," says the surgeon. — From my point of view, it is optimal, according to the degree of risk to the patient and trauma to the results are obtained. Although, in reality, does not apply to the operations of the real extension. We simply increase the angle between the penis and the pubis, the cut of the piece. Therefore, the penis simply moves forward and you get an effect of increase".

The effectiveness of this operation depends in great measure of the elasticity of the tissues, therefore, to increase the chances of success and that no formation of scars, doctors recommend the patient to wear an extender before and after surgery, in combination with drugs that affect the traction of the tissues.

That is to say, reproduce the following: 2 months before the ligaments starting to use the device, and then a half hour operation, and then another three weeks with extender. Total, a little less than 3 months in all.

With a diameter increasingly difficult for the patient, but more interesting for the reader.

To increase the diameter of your penis by 2 inches, which is quite important. Applied in two ways. The first, the most common — for their own tissues of the patient.

It works like this: take a piece of muscle tissue from the back or direct the muscles of the abdomen and in the penis. In reality, the penis is wrapped the fragment of the muscles, and then sew the vessels, to restore the circulation of the blood, is a so-called revascularization.

This type of operation refer to the microsurgery. After it the patient wishes to have peace in the course of the week.

The second method looks like the following: take dermographia pieces of the groin region and are arranged along cavernous tel. Other words, it envelops the penis as the transplantation of muscle tissue, but in this case doctors go by without microsurgery of the technique, therefore, the recovery period passes it is easier: it is not necessary to the strict bed rest, and in the clinic, the patient takes place in a few days.

There is a way to increase the girth of the penis with the help of silicone implants — an increase of arthroplasty of the penis. This is the least traumatic way, and in addition the operation is similar to a facial surgery chest, only the single implants, manufactured especially for the patient.

In all cases, the selection of a method depends exclusively on the preferences of the patient. The doctor has the obligation to warn, which is tripe, what complications and possible consequences, so that the person can make an informed decision.

What are the risks?

Despite the apparent simplicity of the operation and the ease of recovery, in addition to the risks that accompany any surgery, there is the risk of having a serious complication: if the doctor will take a keen interest too to act negligently, it can damage the artery, the magnificent will put the patient on the impotence. Therefore, the choice of the clinic and the doctor, which guarantees the result, is the most important part of the operation.

The most important thing, that it is worth to pay attention when choosing a clinic, it is a weighted of the conversation with the doctor. He has no right to promise penis enlargement in three times or a few to count how many centimeters will become a greater. Care of a physician for the success of the operation.

Ligaments often in combination with liposuction area lobka, on the whole, this gives a better effect in patients with overweight. The doctor says that, on the basis of their personal experience, the patients of the operations of enlargement of penis more satisfied. In terms of the likelihood of repeat operations, often, this need occurs when an operation of enlargement combined with the increase of diameter, and usually this desire occurs in the patient in a post-operative period.

However, in addition to the risks related to health, patients are also concerned with and about one's own reputation, about the anonymity of the operation. Plastic surgeon convinced that this question is answered simply: "apart from the law, which protects a patient that says that any intervention of a doctor may not advertise, there is also an important point of contact for the patient and the doctor. Arose carried out by the trust? Do you think that the doctor is worthy of moral values, that would not allow, in principle, be applied on the operation? Tells you if you are in the details about other patients? Called by their names? Or simply giving examples that are similar to yours? By default, the doctor has no right to discuss the operation with anyone. However, if the patient is too worried for this reason, from the point of view of psychological comfort, it can be especially pronounce, that is not interested in the publication of this story."