As enlarge the penis male sodium bicarbonate

Many men are not happy with the size of your penis, that's why they try to find a method that allows you to enlarge the penis. To this end, the representatives of the stronger sex use a wide variety of recipes and methods, and some of them threaten health and lead to the development of incurable diseases. Among the recipes of traditional medicine can be found this type of tools, that are from the simple and available components, but also show a high efficiency and are very safe. One of them is soda. This product is in every house, and its value as a penny. Before you increase the member of the soda, it is necessary to consider important aspects and rules of use of this substance.

It is effective if the baking soda for penis enlargement?

the increase of a member of the soda

Many of those interested in the question, is it possible to enlarge the member with soda? To reasonably respond only after the analysis of the composition of this product.

Sodium bicarbonate is often used in the recipes of traditional medicine, as it is a great tool for the fight against inflammatory process and the microorganisms. We must not think that when the use of this substance penis is going to grow as the foam. Studies have shown that sodium bicarbonate increases the efficiency in the use of other methods, that is to say, their be applied as an auxiliary element.

As to enlarge the member with the baking soda? The ability to change the size of the penis is derived from the fact that the substance can penetrate freely into the tissue, and through the sole action dilutes the blood. This feature makes the dust-indispensable – activated, increases the size of the penis. The penis enhancement sosa is not going to show normal results, if not the exercise is performed or not using special tools.

It should be noted that this substance is wonderful it protects the penis from injury, and a variety of complications. Some of the exercises that can increase the chance of clots of blood, but the sodium bicarbonate due to its unique composition is capable of liquefying blood, which does not allow the occurrence of blood clots.

There are several options for penis enlargement sosa, each of which has its advantages and features. Specific type you choose, each one for himself, or better still, to combine, but the main thing is not to overdo it established in the dosage. Those in the know, as to enlarge the penis sosa, claim that the phallus grows about 1 to 2 centimeters. In general, this powder is used in the following types:

  • is used in the interior;
  • it is applied as a basic component in to the ointment;
  • it is a component for the preparation of the trays.

Better visually to show all about the rise of a member of the sosa — video shows the main aspects of this procedure, and talks us through the basic rules:

Useful for the quality of soda

For those who are not happy with the size of your penis, you should know how to enlarge the male member with the baking soda, since this is one of the simplest and most available methods, for the application that you want to spend a minimum of forces and financial resources.

Some even are not aware of the positive effects of the properties of the soda, the belief that its use only for baking. In the plenary about the healing properties of this product are these legends. If it is considered in more detail, the substance that helps in the following cases:

  • removes excess weight;
  • removes and burns;
  • comply with acid reflux;
  • accelerates the metabolism;
  • normalizes the acidity in the stomach;
  • applies for cosmetic purposes;
  • regulates the process of blood circulation;
  • with the help of bicarbonate of soda increases the penis.

The magnifying of the pénis is caused by the effect of dust in the circulatory system. Everyone knows that the erection occurs when the load of a member and of the structural elements of blood. Sodium bicarbonate helps to increase the circulation of the blood, thanks to the cavernous and spongy body increase in size.

How to use baking soda you can enlarge the member?

Before enlarging the penis with the sodium bicarbonate, it is necessary to consider a number of very important rules for the use of this substance. Is the most common method of massage. Of fast and secure way to achieve a positive result, it is necessary to do the exercise correctly, otherwise there is the possibility of damaging the sensitive skin of the phallus. The procedure consists of several steps:

  1. Preparatory. Before a penis at home soda, it is necessary that the authority, for the skin became elastic, and an increase of the circulation of the blood. To do this, it is necessary to take the towel — better to give preference to smoother. After that, it should be wet with warm water and wrap it around the penis, leave on for 2-3 minutes. The procedure is repeated several times – the minimum is 3.
  2. The massage. Not everyone knows how to increase the penis with the help of soda by using a massage, whose main objective is to stretch the authority. Among the approaches should promote the quality of the recovery of the correct circulation of the blood, through the execution of the softer passages and slight movements. If you expand penis in he receives a large blood volume of the mass, after which, using a gentle massage will be evenly distributed through all the veins. Sodium bicarbonate should be applied directly during the massage. To do this, simply take a pinch of the substance in the hand and literally push on the surface of the penis. The procedure recalled in the application of skraba.
  3. Recovery. After the exercises to enlarge your penis sodium bicarbonate is finished, you must restore the normal functioning of the body. To do this, simply lie down and relax.

Specialists recommend that before performing the magnifying of the pénis soda, you want to improve your state and relax. Often, the problems of sexual health are of psychological character, therefore, it is necessary to configure correctly in a good result.

Sexologists claim that men need to "fantasize" lack of inches in the head, this will quickly get rid of the complexes.

Soda lotion


For the baking soda solution it is necessary to take 2 tablespoons of substances and mix well between 100 and 150 ml of warm water. Such a solution to wet a gauze or a small towel and place the poultice in the groin area. The size of the fabric must be such that it managed to wrap up sexual organ.

A penis with the help of sodium bicarbonate through lotions involves the use daily for 30 days. A procedure does not display any results, apply the method only needs to change. To increase the effect and positive impact on the body in the mixture you can add a little oil. It is well for these purposes is appropriate the oil of cardamom or any other plant, endowed with "masculine" smell. The aroma of the essential oils allows you to relax and forget about the current problems and soft consistency contributes to the heating body and the establishment of the circulation of the blood. After the procedure, one time you need to lie down, but it's even better to sleep, to fix the result.

Improve efficiency to increase the penis of sodium bicarbonate by means of an internal reception. She has a positive influence on the internal environment of the organism, namely, contributes to the regulation of the functioning of the main organs and systems. In some cases, the small size is caused by the presence of comorbidity, of which the man can not guess. Lead to reduction of the quality of the erection, or even cause impotence. The consumption of substances to rid the body of toxins and waste that can cause dangerous diseases.

The consumption of soda to rid the body of toxins and waste

Before taking the substance is necessary to consult with a qualified professional doctor will tell you how can increase the penis of bicarbonate of sodium, and do it safely and the maximum in the short-term.

It is necessary to begin with small doses – a quarter of a teaspoon two times a day. This is done in the intervals between meals. With the passage of time, the dose is increased to 1 tablespoons of reception.

For the prevention of various diseases, and problems with the digestive system should consume soda solution in 150 ml of water, add 1 Teaspoon of powder. The consumption of the tool must be in the morning, before meals.

Of course, directly the use of the caustic, it will not change the size of the penis, but in any case, it will affect positively on the health of men and their state of stress.

Often apply tubs for penis enlargement sosa — the customers indicate that this procedure has a high rate of effectiveness. To use this method it is necessary in each liter of water, add 100 grams of the substance. From this proportion the volume of the pool can be regular, it is not necessary to make the water very hot, the best choice will be between 40 and 50 degrees. It is very important that the baby bath was allowed to relax, did not cause discomfort and still more of the painful sensations. To do this, the body must not be damaged.

The greater efficiency of the procedure is shown just before the exercises, then bath normalizes the blood circulation in the penis and relaxes with her fabric. The duration of the procedure is approximately 15 minutes. Apply the data of the handling of a maximum frequency in the period of a month, but not more than 2 times a day. Those interviewed by the men in one voice said that the soda is very reliable and safe substance for the male enhancement of the "dignity" that, for all the time of course has not caused any complications.

Safety rules

Of men in sex, the system is very sensitive to the various negative manifestations, therefore, it is necessary to avoid the pathogenic factors of environment and the internal environment. Despite the positives of the product quality, this method can lead to serious consequences. To avoid this, it is necessary to observe a number of rules to maintain health in order. To them concern the following aspects:

  • if provision is made for the internal use, it is necessary to be very cautious, especially if there is any disease of the digestive system. If in the stomach it improves heartburn, then the regular intake of the drug in large quantities leads to the development of gastritis or even ulcers;
  • you should consult with your primary doctor, to rule out the presence of you are hypersensitive to this product;
  • if this type of diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, it is better to refrain from the use, in any way, because the action of its active components it is possible to know in vessels of the body;
  • hotel, if the man was diagnosed with malicious of education, because the blood after a couple of tricks of the substance becomes more liquid, thanks to which cancer cells spread faster all over the body;
  • you should opt for the use of this tool during the low acidity of the stomach, as this would have serious consequences;
  • some men suffer from an increased sensitivity of the skin — epidermis resistant to the dryness. This will be the cause of serious irritation or even of the inflammatory process, that in the puberty, the system is especially unacceptable.

It is important to remember that a positive result can be achieved only subject to the established rules. In all the methods of increasing penis huge value assigned to it on a regular basis. If every day you apply a effective and safe method, then it is sure that it works and adds the penis a few centimeters.


the increase of member of the

The use of the composition has a series of contraindications that must be taken into account, especially in the presence of certain diseases or chronic diseases. These contraindications are:

  • damage in the epidermis, the presence of rashes;
  • intolerance individual of the substance;
  • the deformation of the authority as a result of the injury of a process (in this case, without consulting with the primary care doctor does not spend).

When the presence of the above-mentioned factors, the substance may not be taken externally and internally, and in the latter case, this problems are several:

  • the chronic gastritis type or other any disease that leads to a change in the acidity in the stomach;
  • an allergic reaction;
  • colitis education.

It is strictly forbidden to apply the tool that has an expiration date, so it is not necessary to check before increasing the penis soda. In addition, since the use of give up even in the case that the tool has a normal expiration date, but the powder changed its color from red to yellow, has a peculiar smell, or any other deviation from the norm.

To ensure 100% result and you know, see with a video that demonstrates the characteristics of this process:

Now that you know how it affects the soda in the growth of your penis. To achieve a positive result, must comply with all the rules and recommendations, as well as perform the procedures on a regular basis. It is important to remember about the contraindications and potential complications that rarely occur, but some of the men notice a worsening of health. To reduce the probability of this process should consult with the attending physician, will not only provide a comprehensive diagnosis of the body, but it will also tell you how to use baking soda for penis enlargement.