How to properly use the vacuum pump for the penis

Vacuum of the water pump, designed for the enlargement of the penis, is an excellent means as the measures of prevention aimed at strengthening the power.

Through the vacuum pump can increase power, fulfilling systematic and prolonged training. Help to improve the circulation of the blood, which gives a guarantee of the penis enlargement of diameter, as well as, increase the firmness and elasticity of the vessels.

This device to increase the dignity of man has a number of advantages. It is necessary to clarify, that he is referred to, and the proper use of vacuum pump?

Inherent to the dignity of the vacuum pump

vacuum of the water pump to the member of the

Thus, the efficiency and effectiveness of the accessories is made manifest not only to the increase of the penis, but also in the following:

  • The violation of sexual function. The systematic use of accessories allows you to increase the volume of the penis, but also maintain an erection during the sexual act.
  • In the longest sexual contact. The essence lies in the fact that, thanks to the pump to reduce the sensitivity of the male organ, that allows you to prolong the ejaculation.
  • The elimination of the curvature of the penis. If the man twisted penis, water pump helps to keep the authority in the direct state, so that decreases its curvature.
  • And the great advantage of growing your penis not only in length and girth.

How do you choose?

There are two types of accessories for the penis enlargement, is the air and hydraulic vacuum.

They can be different sizes, have many advanced features, for example, vibration.

When you select, it is best to keep the one that shipped with the erectile ring. Are accessories, with several peaks, for better stimulation. When you buy, worth paying attention to:

  1. Of what material is made the sealer, since their function directly embrace the skin to cover, to ensure sealing.
  2. The dimensions and characteristics of quality of the bulb. The device must be resistant to mechanical damage. So, it is best to take a transparent bottle, so you can follow the process and to avoid traumatic situations.

Instructions for use

For a start, it is worth noting that this is the first time that the vacuum pump should be no more than five minutes, this time period allows you to avoid the side effects.

If the use of the pump is not correct, it is possible to reduce the risk of an erection. And get more symptoms, such as swelling in the area of application of the pump, it will darken the epidermis of the member.

The correct use of a vacuum pump, and air pump:

  • First, the device releases the air, which helps to tighten the member by the pressure, which increases the flow of blood to the penis. Before placing the member in the pump, he applies a lubricant.
  • The maximum time of use of the pump at one time is 15 to 20 minutes.
  • In order to allow the circulation of air in the apparatus, that is to say, therefore, is reset to the negative pressure, in some devices it is necessary to put pressure on the air valve, which is located next to a pear tree. In other models, this is done through the opening of the holes that you find in the flask, which at the time of the session is closed with the finger.
  • After it reached the maximum erection, on the base of the penis puts a special ring. It allows the compression of a member, and does not occur in the flood of the blood of the authority, that is to say, a member of the "hard" in a state of erection.

As a real use the pump for the penis, equipped with hydro-pump:

Before you start the procedure, it is necessary to take a hot bath of the strap. It will help you relax in the scrotum area, and help to stimulate the circulation of the blood.

After 6 to 8 minutes of relaxation, take the pump and enter in it the penis.

Look closely at the bezel of damping of the rings, which is rounded. Must be tightly lying on top of the area of the scrotum, therefore, decreases the pressure in that area.

Replace the pump of the circumference of the member must be in a uniform manner, while maintaining the scrotum, before proceeding with the collection of air. These actions are important to the procedure is comfortable and free of injuries.

Make a small move with the movement that has created a vacuum. After, through the valve decreases unnecessary water. The valve is located at the top of the vacuum pump. Often, the pump will have to pump around 6 times, so that all the water has gone.

Once all the water escapes, you can relax and rest for 5 minutes. If there is the feeling that the vacuum became too weak to pump up to the desired level.

For penis enlargement you can use this schema:

  • 7 days – a procedure no more than 10 minutes.
  • 7 days – a procedure 15 minutes.
  • 7 days – 2 sessions of 10 minutes.
  • 7 days – 2 sessions of 15 minutes.
  • 7 day – 20 minutes right after waking up, and 10 minutes in the evening.

You can't abuse the force in periods of use of the pump can cause the micro-ventilation in the corpus cavernosum, enabling the formation of hematomas and other traumatic injuries.

How to care for a drive?

the increase of member of the

To save the state of operation of the pump during long periods of time, it is necessary to follow these recommendations:

Before you drop the bomb on the subject, it is necessary to wash out a bit with a soapy solution. Process the surroundings of the nozzles and gaskets by antiseptics.

As hydrate prohibited the use of grease, petroleum jelly, or mineral oil, can not moisten the vegetable oils and other creams.

After use, wash the fluid with soap and water, dry with a dry cloth.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that of all the advantages of vacuum pumps is confirmed by many testimonies of the men, the device actually works. And, in combination with the gels for penis enlargement, you can obtain a better result.

The penis enlargement pump – adaptation rather controversial. Someone says that it is safe and very effective (it is rumored that fits to the water pump for the treatment of impotence). Others claim that the tool is extremely dangerous and it is not. Who has the reason? We are going to understand. In this article we are going to this device, to learn how to choose the form in which the device works, as the use of the statement.

What constitutes

Vacuum of the water pump to the head of the penis or to the penis – the mechanism of pumping of air. Thanks to a vacuum pressure produced by pulling of the penis and as a result – the increase of blood flow in the cavernous of the fabric, the stimulation of erection and a temporary increase in the size.

In the penis of men is made up of 2 cavernous of the body, constantly flowing blood. When the man is sexually aroused, your spinal cord sends the tone of the vessels, in a substantial way, and the veins delimit. This causes a delay in the blood in the penis, in consequence, the authority becomes firm and big.

When using a device for air pump, and creates a negative pressure. This is not to reflow the blood by the veins, and she stops, as if the erection, the penis gets larger, both in length as in diameter. With the help of the penis pump can increase in around 1-2 centimetres of a one-time use. The result is temporary – through a couple of hours penis will return to its normal size. In case of regular use is a constant stretching and training of the tissues can give a more long-term with the increase in size.

Why attachment is necessary

How to use the pump, is described in detail in the instructions. She has supplied with the appliance. Also in the game for the enlargement of the penis should be:

  1. Bottle (cylinder) with ring material at the base where you place the member.
  2. The air valve – it protects you from injury.
  3. Manometer for pressure control.
  4. The device that generates the vacuum (pear or automatic pump).

When using the pump increases the time of sexual intercourse.

The increase of a member is now the fundamental purpose of pumps. But this device there are still several tasks (including medically):

  • The renewal of the sexual relationship. Due to the application of vacuum from the pump in the time, decreases the sensitivity of the receptors in the head of the penis, which slows down the excitement in the man. For this purpose vacuum pump of vacuum should be used right before sex.
  • The treatment of erectile dysfunction – the regular use of the pump helps to stimulate the increase of blood flow into the penis and maintain a strong erection during intercourse. The use of the bomb will quite to the prevention of diseases that affect the sexual power. Through constant "training eliminates stagnation of the blood in the vessels, erectile dysfunction pass.
  • The rectification of the shape of the penis. If the man has problems with the curvature of the member, physicians often prescribe the pump – which helps to keep the penis in the correct state, which gradually reduces the curvature of the penis.

How to choose the device?

Types of pumps many – act on the same principle, but with a few differences, thanks to which the result will be different. The pump it is necessary to collect, guided by their own objectives and focused on the particularities of their authority. There are only common rules that should guide the purchase of accessories:

  • The cylinder diameter should be an inch greater than the diameter of the erect member. When the purchase of a minor of a device may result in injury.
  • The cylinder length should be 2 inches greater than the length of the penis of men. When you use the pump of smaller length, as in the case of diameter, increases the risk of hurting yourself.
  • If the man before had not used vacuum pump, then start best with pear accessories, which pumped out the air manually. Cylindrical and electric breast pumps comfortable, but they create a vacuum too fast, and it is more difficult to control. There are still hydro-vacuum (acting on behalf of water) of the pump, but that, on the contrary, they create a lower pressure and, as a general rule, are less efficient than their air "brothers".
  • When you buy, be sure to check the seal material, to the extent tightly fit seamlessly into the skin. If it is too soft, it will lose air, and the required pressure will not be created. Too thick and rough material that is not suitable, as it bites into the skin.

If you do not pick up the pump under the size of the penis, can cause injury.

How to use the device

as to enlarge the member

As to enlarge your member with the help of the pump, the correct use of this device? Instructions for use of the standard pump. When working with the device, it is important to respect the principles, similar to the rules of an intense training, you must first go to warming the penis before using the pump, it is recommended to massage with hands and pour the blood, to warm the tissue and muscles. Then, the device is placed on the authority and firmly fixed in the base. After a cylinder is evacuated of air (automatically or with your hands).

Reaching with the help of air and water pump strong erection, at the base of the penis you want to place the ring. You can get before you begin the procedure of the pump, and after having reached the excitement, it squeezes the base of the penis. This ring can obstruct the duct exit of the blood from the penis and to retain the authority in the extended state. The procedure should last about 15-20 minutes. A longer period of time, it is not recommended, as it can cause injuries on the penis.

To achieve an increase, it is necessary regularly with the pump. Here is relevant the comparison with gym: converge in meetings and establishment in the simulator, you can feel budding muscles. But it is the day-to-day or two, and the body becomes soft. Only through regular exercise you can achieve your goals of the muscles are not in half an hour, and in the next few months – yes, and with the permanent condition of the visit of the room and the maintenance of the resulting effect. With the increase of the penis also training should be regular – ideally for three times a week. 8 months is possible increase the length and width of up to 30-35% of their original sizes.

For the purposes of the pump, you must use it regularly.